1. Mike Davis

    Saw a preview of Gregory Paolini's

    New book on google books, I am very much impressed by how well it explains the process of designing and building cabinets. This is a skill I need to polish up on, so... I preordered the book! Can't wait til March to study it from cover to cover. Just hope it doesn't arrive on March 11th...
  2. Shamrock

    A preview into the madness.....1

    It's been awhile since I've posted but the creative juices have been flowing-here's a preview of some of the projects getting finished up. Full story and more photos to follow later! A "step" in the right direction View image in gallery and the Shamrock Wood Studio "shop stool" View...
  3. DavidF

    Post preview only in "Home" page

    Using Google Chrome and just noticed that the post preview works on the Home page but not in "New posts" not tried IE.
  4. FredP

    Thread preview on forumdisplay

    i've noticed that our bubble that pops up when hovering over a thread doesnt stick around anymore. before we had it so it would stay up longer. is this possible to get it back? fred
  5. ChrisMathes

    Thread Preview 'upgrade'

    (This is in regards to the 'preview' bubble that pops up on the title of a thread to show you the first couple lines of the discussion) I've just completed what I think will be seen as an 'upgrade' to the thread preview. This was initiated by a change request from mtrager and pappyj who wanted...
  6. DavidF

    Sneak preview of bed side table designs

    Just a quick hint at the way I am going with the tables. Both pick up accents from the bed just finished. The curve of the top drawer front mimics the crest rail curve and the lower apron picks up on the bed rail curves. The cabinet is suspended between 4 legs that are attached at just two...
  7. woodguy1975

    Woodworking Essentials Table Preview Pics

    Well, I've got the table all but done. I've just got to give it some time before rubbing it out and giving it a good wax job. I figured I'd go ahead let you guys see some pics of the table complete. The finish is waterlox wiped on. The ends of the legs are blackwood and so is the pull...
  8. woodguy1975

    NCWW Special COD Preview (Big Pic)

    Just for you guys I've quickly processed a picture of the completed COD. I'll be working on the complete photo gallery of the COD tonight, but I thought you guys deserved a preview before I put up the official gallery. So here it is..... Thanks, John
  9. walnutjerry

    Another sneak preview!

    Re: How 'bout a little "sneak preview"! Here is an attempt to include an attacment of another sneak preview. Jerry

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