1. S

    Using a Porter-Cable 4212 Jig with different routers

    I have a PC 4212 dovetail - fingerjoint jig. It comes with bushings for a PC router. Anybody use one with a different router. What do you do about bushings. The instructions say you must use a base that holds the P-C bushings. I have a Bosch 1617EVS and a larger Craftsman pro router. Can...
  2. Joe Scharle

    Porter-Cable 895PK Comments?

    Anyone with any first hand experience with this kit? I've read the reviews.
  3. Mt. Gomer

    Porter-Cable 43510PC Drawer Lock Router Bit 12.99 shipped

    Deal is for today (Monday)... http://accessory.tooliday.com/
  4. Mt. Gomer

    Porter-Cable NS100 18-Gauge Narrow Crown Stapler

    $25.99 shipped @ http://fastening.tooliday.com/
  5. S

    PorterCable Recon 18Gge Crown Stapler -$25

    www.tooliday.com PorterCable NS100B Factory Reconditioned 18Gauge Narrow Crown Stapler Bare Tool Mar 19, 2010 01:00 am The Porter-Cable NS100BBR Factory Reconditioned NS100B 18-Gauge Narrow Crown Stapler Bare Tool is a pleasure to use with plenty of convenient features and a comfortable...
  6. rick7938

    Porter-Cable Router Thumb Screw

    My neighbor has a couple of old P-C routers that use the thumb screw to secure the base to the motor rather than the newer latch mechanism. It appears that over the years the steel bolt has worn out the threads of the aluminum thumb screw, and now the threads are stripped and the screw can not...
  7. E

    Porter-Cable blues...

    I bought a 18V (non-lithium) Porter-Cable drill with 2 batteries 1-2 years ago from Lowe's when they were $99 (half-price). It is a large gray drill like Norm uses. Unfortunately, the charger has died.:wsad: I tried bypassing the blown fuse to no avail. A replacement charger for PC non-lithium...
  8. rick7938

    Porter-Cable 690 router brush cover

    Today I took the cover off of one of the brushes of my P-C 690 router to check for wear. Bad mistake!! First, the brushes showed hardly any wear after 5 years. Second, when I went to replace the cover, I couldn't figure how to hold the top of the brush so that the ears went into the slots...
  9. S

    PorterCable D-handle base -Gloat!

    Patience does pay off, trust me! After looking/wanting for awhile now, I finally found it. The Porter Cable D handle router base! With its unique handle with built in locking trigger switch, this makes my PC 690 a whole new tool. More control over powering on/off and a nice handle to better...
  10. tjgreen

    Ral CL: Porter-Cable biscuit joiner

    Not mine (I would never sell mine): http://raleigh.craigslist.org/tls/982428294.html New they're ~$220. Looks like a number of other items from the same seller in Clayton.
  11. T

    Porter-Cable PIN100 - 23-Gauge Pin Nailer - $40 (Holly Springs)

    http://raleigh.craigslist.org/tls/896609741.html a GREAT DEAL!!
  12. woodworker2000

    Raleigh CL - Porter-Cable Dovetail Jig (4212?) $50

    Looks like a 4212 and in good shape. Not mine but $50 is lower than I've ever seen for a used one.....about the price of a nw one from HF but much better quality. Link: http://raleigh.craigslist.org/tls/703291916.html In excellent condition, never used. Has everything it comes with...
  13. Jon

    Porter-Cable 97366

    Does anyone have this sander? Or do you know anything about it? How aggressive can it be?
  14. Terry

    CPSC, Porter-Cable Recalls Popular Router

    For those who might have the Porter-Cable 890 series, you might want to check the CPSC site or the Porter-Cable website. Terry:eusa_thin http://www.cpsc.gov/cpscpub/prerel/prhtm106/0672.html http://www.porter-cable.com/index.asp?e=5979 (Note 2 recalls on this site) 6/19/06 Safety...

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