Porter-Cable blues...

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Eddie Byrd

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I bought a 18V (non-lithium) Porter-Cable drill with 2 batteries 1-2 years ago from Lowe's when they were $99 (half-price). It is a large gray drill like Norm uses.

Unfortunately, the charger has died.:wsad: I tried bypassing the blown fuse to no avail. A replacement charger for PC non-lithium batteries is $55, and I don't want to invest that in an identical replacement charger that could easily fail as quickly. Also, I have recently invested in the newer Makita Lithium 18V drill set (the white ones) and a Hitachi 12V mini-drill which really I love, so I really don't need the PC so much anymore.

I am considering trying so sell the drill & batteries, or search for someone who has a used charger.

What would you do? :embaresse


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Check out Ebay...

Of course you could probably find someone on NCWW that'd be willing to buy them too.

It's amazing how much you get at the kit price, when you break it down it gets expensive!

Ken Massingale

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I'm singing the same song Eddie. Bought mine at Lowes about the same time. I did find a charger on Ebay for $27, plus $10 shipping.
I just bought the charger so I can sell the kit.
I bought a Ridgid 18V Lithium drill, the batteries and charger have a lifetime replacement agreement.

Sounds like maybe the PC charger has a defect. The power resistor and a zener diode fried on my charger.

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