1. B

    Gregory Paolini table build class at The Woodworking Source

    The Limbert style coffee table build class at The Woodworking Source this past weekend was a blast! A big thanks goes out to Greg Paolini and Rick Dinardo of The Woodworking Source for putting this event together! :eusa_clap:eusa_clap:eusa_clap Greg is an outstanding teacher and put all skill...
  2. Asheville Hardware

    Greg Paolini Teaches Handplane Class at Asheville Hardware

    Greetings all, We at Asheville Hardware just wanted to let all of you NCWWs know that Greg Paolini will be teaching an all day (10am - 5pm) Handplane Seminar on Saturday 11/6 at classroom facility. The Cost is $125 and there are still plenty of spaces available. Here is the course...
  3. Bill Clemmons

    Another great article by Gregory Paolini

    Congratulations, Gregory, on another great article in Fine WoodWorking. That's two consecutive issues. The coffee table is really nice, w/ some very interesting joinery. Great job! :eusa_clap Bill
  4. Woodworking Source Class

    Woodworking Source Class

    Paolini wiping glue on his apron
  5. Door Class

    Door Class

    Taken during the door building class 8/28/10
  6. Door Class

    Door Class

    Taken during the door building class 8/28/10
  7. b4man

    Fantastic Workshop with Greg Paolini

    I couldn't wait until tomorrow when I can upload my prove that it did happen!!! This was the best two days I've enjoyed in a long time. Many, many thanks to Rick Dinardo who generously hosted this event at his The Woodworking Source Store/Mill/Warehouse in Mooresville. Bill...
  8. T

    Greg Paolini Workshop

    How many NC woodworkers are planning to attend the cabinet making workshop at the Woodworking Source on Sunday? Terry
  9. Gregory Paolini

    August news from Gregory Paolini

    Our August newletter just went out, and there's a lot of great info in it! Be sure to check it out! If you didn't get yours, be sure to sign our guest book to receive a link via email! You can access our August Newsletter here: Best, Gregory
  10. WoodWrangler

    Paolini Teaching Classes in Mooresville

    Figures ... I move away and Greg Paolini is instructing a class at Rick's place in Mooresville! Might just have to find an excuse to "sneak" up there for a weekend trip!:rotflm: Check it out! I think I'd be in for the "all weekender" if I could pull it off...
  11. scsmith42

    NCWW Member Gregory Paolini in Oct FWW Magazine!!!

    It's always a good day when a new woodworking magazine arrives at the farm, but it's an even better day when one of our own North Carolina Woodworker members has an article in a respected magazine. We have several members who have contributed to, or otherwise appeared in magazines, and they...

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