1. AmishWarlord

    Nice find at Ace Hardware

    I was at an Ace Hardware and noticed they had a bargain table. Berried under all the crap was several boxes of Olson and Dremel 5" scroll saw blades at $2 to $3 a box. I bought ALL of them for $15. :) Not bad for 52 assorted blades.
  2. T

    Nice day in the shop today :) (PICS ADDED 1/8/12)

    It has been a long time since I had any fun in my shop. 1st, Put the finishing touches on a small activity table for the girls I started last spring. 2nd, Cleaned up a mess of sawdust (yes it was fun) See this post. 3rd, The real problem with my dust collection system is the only switch I...
  3. AmishWarlord

    Found a nice clock project I'd like to do.

    This is my kind of clock!
  4. Nice table - Professional category winner

    Nice table - Professional category winner

  5. steviegwood

    Nice Secluded Four Acre Camp For Sale!!!

    Hi Folks, if anyone would be interested in a 4.07 acre secluded private camp or home site in central WV just let me know. We are now just trying to get back what we have in it. It has an older two bedroom mobile home (10 x 50), a bathhouse storage building, well, septic, large pavilion, basket...
  6. bluthart

    UPDATE - Greensboro Wood Run

    Most of the lumber I had was taken to a High School in Davidson. I still have some nice stuff for sale though. I still have some 4/4 Poplar in 5' lengths, and some gorgeous 5/4 red oak in 5' lengths. This is nice straight, flat, kiln dried wood, in 5' lengths. Widths vary from 5" to 10"...
  7. ScottM

    Nice tools in VA CL

    For those members in VA or others willing to drive, there are a few nice tools on the Norfolk CL:
  8. Tarhead

    Nice Trestle Table Video

    This is what happens when you take a professional Videographer and turn him into a Woodworker: I like what he does with the endcaps on the Breadboard top in the photos below the embedded video.
  9. Bugle

    Nice Burl

    Took the grandkids to the zoo in Asheboro on Friday. As we were leaving the ape exhibit, I happened upon this tree. Who wouldn't want this?
  10. J

    Some nice walnut at Hardwood Store

    Just an FYI if you in the market for some walnut. I was at the Hardwood Store in Gibsonville on Saturday and they have some pretty nice 4/4 and 5/4 walnut right now. Nice color, not much sapwood and fairly good widths. Better selection than you often see these days, IMO. It is mostly s2s at...
  11. Trent Mason

    Very nice offer

    Some of you have probably seen the dentist thread that Scott Smith posted. Brian (the dentist and fellow member of NCWWer) had a great offer. I don't see how this is in violation of any site rule, but I could be wrong. Sounds like a wonderful offer to me. Any thoughts?
  12. MarkE

    A nice little woodworking project
  13. Ken Massingale

    Nice Woodworking Android App

    :icon_thum I've found AmbiCalc in the Android Market. It's around $4 and change, depending on the conversion rate (it's a British app). It does the usual metric/decimal conversions and has need features like a router template offset calculator, diagonal calcs, input a cabinet size and it makes a...
  14. S

    DeWalt scroll 788 w/stand. NICE!! - $325 (Kannapolis) DeWalt scroll 788 w/stand. NICE!! - $325 (Kannapolis) Date: 2011-01-21, 8:46AM EST Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] This a very nice scroll saw! Like new condition. I included a link for...
  15. P

    Nice looking Red Oak - 60 cents / bd-ft roughcut

    This stuff isn't dry, but might be a good deal for someone with a project a couple years from now. Near Oxford.... Not mine: Paul
  16. PChristy

    Met a very nice NCWW'er today

    Jerry Craig (JCraig) came down today and picked up the C-RO-BW that I had in the ads - alos picked up some of the spalted maple that I have - Had a nice visit - I do not know why I didn't take any pix but he has PM'd me and said that he has already plained one of the boards and his wife has fell...
  17. zapdafish

    nice cross cut sled plans I built this over the weekend and its probably the most usefull jig I could have made for my TS. I was using an incra miter gauge but switch angles on it and getting back to 90 deg cuts is a pain. I like...
  18. C

    epoxy coating and a nice slab of wood

    here is alink to my blog, check out the pictures of the Claro Walnut slab, you can read the first part of the blog it explains the finishing process,,, Just thought you would like to see the slab and how we dealt with it , would put it here but dont know how to post pictures just yet.... this...
  19. scsmith42

    It sure would be nice....

    if a September or October Shop Crawl would be put together by someone... I learn so much from visiting everybody elses shops, plus the fellowship is great! If it's held in the Raleigh area, I nominate Charlie's shop to be on the list too! :gar-Bi
  20. JRD

    Nice to be Back!

    Finally I'm beginning to feel like getting some work done following surgery almost two months ago. Besides the restrictions on how much I can lift go off on Friday, so now there won't be any excuses. My first work in a while is displayed here. A Red Oak box with Walnut insert on the top. A...

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