1. Thewoodworkingsource

    It’s that time of year

    Stop by to pick up some tools and free coffee! Also come on by just to visit to get to know fellow wood workers. Have a Merry Christmas. open till 12:00pm today.
  2. Thewoodworkingsource

    The Woodworking Source

    Hello Everyone, We just wanted to reach out in forum to invite current customers and new ones to The Woodworking Source on Saturdays from 8am-12pm. We are back open now on Saturdays for that time frame. Come enjoy coffee and tools. We have Festool, Woodpecker, Kreg, Whitesides, and Freud items...
  3. M

    Turning Classes - Mooresville / Davidson / Charlotte

    I am a beginner turner and have taken a few classes at the local woodcraft in Matthews. For a variety of different reasons, I just don't feel comfortable with my technique or how my tools have been sharpened. I am looking for some 1-1 private instruction over the course of a month or two (for...
  4. S

    Dewalt Router 2Hp - $50 (Mt. Ulla (Mooresville))

    Not mine DeWalt 621 Plunge. Great Dust Collection Dewalt Router 2Hp - $50 (Mt. Ulla (Mooresville)) Date: 2011-03-15, 1:34PM EDT Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] Dewalt 2Hp router with...
  5. Gotcha6

    Habitat ReStore in Mooresville

    I worked a project in Mooresville over the last few weeks and had occasion to visit the newly opened Habitat ReStore there. It is in the former Staples store behind Wendy's on NC150. The store is well laid out and has a variety of merchandise to select from. Tools and supplies were all...
  6. WoodWrangler

    Paolini Teaching Classes in Mooresville

    Figures ... I move away and Greg Paolini is instructing a class at Rick's place in Mooresville! Might just have to find an excuse to "sneak" up there for a weekend trip!:rotflm: Check it out! I think I'd be in for the "all weekender" if I could pull it off...
  7. W

    PE from Crabtree/Raleigh to Mooresville

    I'm looking for a PE from either the Raleigh area near Crabtree Mall to Mooresville or the RTP area to Mooresville.VBgregg has a charger and battery that I would like to get ahold of so if anybody is heading up there or is coming south for any reason please let me know...
  8. W

    PE--Graham to Mooresville on Sunday AM

    I'm meeting Tom at Woodworkers Supply in Graham on Sunday morning to pick up something for myself and since I'm driving a P/U I will have some room.If you can get it to the store I will get it back to Mooresville.Later, Greg Stick a fork in this one!
  9. SteveCogs

    Jointer Planer 8" Powermatic model 60 - $475 (Mooresville)

    Not mine and I don't know if it's a real good deal. But I still want and cannot have. Jointer planer used but in great condition. Previously owned by engineer. Well maintained. $475.00 or best offer. Local pick up (may consider delivery...
  10. W

    PE request from Raleigh to Mooresville

    This is a request for somebody with a pickup,at least a 6 foot bed to bring a lumber rack from Tom (toolferone) down to Mooresville or somewhere close.Tom needs it out asap and I'm on 12 hour shifts this week and next week.Any kind of assistance will be much appreciated...
  11. W

    PE request from Cary to Mooresville

    Anybody coming or going from Cary to Mooresville or areas close by.I've got something coming from "Vetteman9956" aka Brad Ports and need to get it down to somewhere close to Mooreville. Any assistance will be much appreciated. Greg
  12. jtdums

    Community Woodworker Project upcoming in Mooresville

    Dear NCWWers in the Mooresville area, We need some good hands to help build a community playground at the Lowe's YMCA March 10th-March 14th. This is a great project to get involved in the community and help build a town playground for kids. It is not a bolt together playground. That's why some...
  13. red

    The Woodworking Source in Mooresville, anyone been there?

    Hey All, I’m looking for a local company to purchase lumber from for my projects and saw this company in the sidebar on the right side of the page. The name is “The Woodworking Source” located in Mooresville. Has anyone ever been there and can tell me what they thought about the place? Lumber...
  14. N

    Delta RAS $250 CL (Mooresville)

    Not mine, but looks to be in nice shape. I have never priced one, but it appears to be a good buy.
  15. CarvedTones

    PE Request - Mooresville to Raleigh/Cary

    I am taking Greg (Woodman2k) up on his generous offer of a vintage Craftsman TS fence. It's a small one without the rails (which I gotta go shopping for since mine are a little different). Anyway, please post or PM if you can haul it some or all the way. Thanks!
  16. Gotcha6

    3HP Grizzly TS on CLT CL $400 (Mooresville)

    Not mine
  17. W

    PE-Raleigh to Mooresville or points close by

    This is for next week or later,purchased something from VBGregg and will have an address at that time.If anybody is coming through the Lake Norman Area and can meet up with Gregg let me know.Thanx, Greg
  18. S

    PE part deux: Mooresville to Cassatt, SC

  19. S

    Long Cab ride: SC to Cary,via Mooresville

    Well I've finally arrived! It was an interesting journey starting with a NCWW ad for a Steel City cabinet saw to a Pony Express request, another ad for a Jet Contractor saw, PM's, phone calls etc....But here it is! My first cabinet saw! Thanks to Bill (bwat) I was able to receive this...
  20. W

    Mooresville to Cary

    I need to get some blanks in a box up to Scott.I have his address but do not know the area to say what he is near.PM me if anybody is heading that way before or after Christmas.

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