1. CrealBilly

    FYI - invaild security cert

    Someone forget to pay the man?
  2. Bas

    FYI - Putting moderation in perspective

    Interesting thread on BT3: The accusations of "establishment", "heavy handedness", "political correctness" & "inconsistency" seem to be universal. As always, we should strive to do the very best job we can do, but if someone complains, let's not...
  3. froglips

    FYI, new info at top of site....

    Yes, by now, many of you have noticed the new info showing some really great topics! First, the plug! Entry in our 2011 Calendar Contest is open until August 16th! On Sept. 11th, Klingspor's Woodworking Shop in Raleigh is hosting the 2010 North Carolina Woodworking Showcase. Enter your...
  4. froglips

    FYI: Shop Crawl forum closed....

    Based on usage, we have decided to close the Shop Crawl forum. All posts were moved into User Announcements. No hidden meaning or anything, just not enough ongoing post traffic to require a dedicated forum. Thanks! Jim
  5. WoodWrangler

    FYI: GAW Symposium

    Received this in my email and thought it may interest some: -------------------------------------------------------- Just a reminder - the early registration discount ends on July 31, 2009. Register now and save $20. Beginning August 1, 2009, it will cost you $20 more than it will today -...
  6. CrealBilly


    Browser when minimized or tabbed does not display domain name. So if you have a bunch of sessions open it's hard to tell which one is 'NCWW'. Thanks
  7. SteveColes

    FYI - Donations

    I wanted to remind everyone that the next fund raising drive should start on July 1. You'll have t get very creative to get your $2000/qtr. I suggest a pledge drive where a pledge consists of promise of $x every y months. and the first $x is payed immediately. This fund drive will be very...
  8. CarvedTones

    FYI on GMC tools

    Most of you likely know this, but since there is a posting on the Raleigh CL for a GMC TS for $119, I thought I would post this info... GMC was the brand on some low end tools sold at one of the big boxes a few years back. They didn't sell them for long. I made the mistake of buying one of the...
  9. NCTurner

    FYI found on Ashville CL Not, mine just thought I'd put it up.
  10. Phil S

    Kobalt warranty fyi

    If any of you own a large Kobalt air compressor that you have purchased within the past few years, the 3 year warranty it came with is no longer good as the manufacturer went out of business and you might want to get your money back. I just happened to find this out when I tried to get a...
  11. T

    FYI: Dewalt table saw recall

    Recalls | Dewalt table saws might malfunction By The Associated Press About 13,000 Dewalt DW744 Jobsite table saws, manufactured in Mexico by Dewalt Industrial Tool Co., are being recalled because the pivot bracket can separate, causing the blade and the fence to be misaligned, possibly...
  12. T


    FYI O.K...the cool picture doesn't come out...but a free mobile base and dust collector (even if it is 5 micron) is a good deal. And found a couple of tools with free packaging and delivery.
  13. Douglas Robinson

    FYI Festool price increase!

    If you have been thinking about buying some Festool product(s) you might want to do it today. Tomorrow 4/1/08 the prices go UP! If you thought they were expensive before, wait until tomorrow!! :5eek: Doug
  14. Douglas Robinson

    FYI The Woodsmith Shop TV show starts 1/31 in Raleigh

    Raleigh area members the Woodsmith Shop TV program starts this week 1/31. For Time Warner Cable subscribers that is channel 203. It will air twice that day. Doug
  15. DavidF

    FYI. colour in WB finish

    FYI, another question I asked on the Target coatings forum. Target Coatings :: View topic - giving colour to Water based finish Very good responses to my questions so far.
  16. MikeF

    Tool Store - Just FYI

    Hi All, Just Thought I would pass along this link for a tool store down in Fort Lauderdale that I used to visit quite often when I was down there. They ship to anywhere and have great deals from time to time. International Tool Corp. - woodworking tools from Dewalt, Porter Cable, Makita & more.
  17. ebarr

    Humidity in shop FYI

    I went to Home Depot the other night and bought a small digital thermometer/humidity guage. After a day in my shop the humidity was at a staggering 88%. I'm not sure what anyone else's unheated/uncooled shop is at. But I think it is a little high. Would a window A/C unit dehumidify enough?

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