1. UncleJoe

    looking for source for hardwood in East NC

    Great forum, I am really enjoying it. I live in New Bern NC and would like to find a good source for furniture grade hardwood. Anyone know a good dealer.
  2. HMH

    PE Request: Charlotte WW Show to points East (Raleigh)

    I posted a "want to buy" add several weeks back for a small, "vintage" radial arm saw, and was lucky enough to be find a 1958 Delta Super 900......in Columbia, SC. I have already looked over the machine (electronically), and squared up w/ the seller, now all that is left is to pick it up...
  3. HMH

    PE Request: Mocksville to points East (Raleigh/ Sanford)

    I'm looking for a ride for a 2 bag-3HP dust collector from "Wayne" in Mocksville to points East, ideally somewhere near the Sanford/ Raleigh/ Durham area, but East is East. I'd be more than happy to chip in for gas, coffee, little chocolate doughnuts, etc. Thanks!
  4. Bryan S

    Member Spotted while Down East.

    The misses and I were cruising the Seafood Festival in Morehead city this past weekend, stuffing ourselves with all kinds of nice, healthy, deep fried goodies and checking out the displays. We were just glad to be outside, after being cooped up in a small mobile home during the previous days...
  5. Bryan S

    Heading East

    After a pretty rough spring and summer at work, especially being a person short on the night shift:eusa_booh. It is time to take a much needed vacation. Just one more night to work, then we will be heading to Salters Path (Indian Beach) tomorrow morning. :eusa_danc :eusa_danc :eusa_danc:banana...
  6. Lee-Lee and Bo

    Lee-Lee and Bo

    Daddy's Boy
  7. Lee-Lee


    Learning Young
  8. Lee-Lee


    " "
  9. Lee-Lee


    " Just like daddy does it"
  10. Joy Craft "Baby Doll" Craft Racing

    Joy Craft "Baby Doll" Craft Racing

  11. 101_0705


    Baby Doll (Joy) HotRod (Bo)
  12. 101_0703


    Baby Doll (Joy) HotRod (Bo)
  13. aplpickr

    Is Everybody Down East?

    It seems that all the events of this forum are way down towards the coast. Are any events ever planned for areas closer to the mountains. I realize that the geographical center of NC is in Chatham County, 10 miles NW of Sanford. But Raleigh sure is a long way away. :) Bill in WNC mountains
  14. B

    East Carolina new guy

    Hi, all, I've been a member since March '09 but I've only really been a consistent lurker here since the beginning of the year, and feel like it's time I introduce myself :) I've been an eastern NC native my entire life. I was born in Fayetteville, spent a few years in Kinston and Wallace, but...
  15. R

    East Wake going out of business?

    I know I've been away from woodworking (oblivious to what's going on) for a while... but I missed this one... Anybody know what the story is with East Wake Hardwoods? I went to their website this morning and it says they are going out of business.
  16. S

    East Carolina Wildlife Arts Festival: 2/5-2/7

    It's that time of year again where the people in Washington, NC get a little quacky.:gar-La; The 15th annual East Carolina Wildlife Arts Festival is February 5-7 (Friday - Sunday) in Little Washington. http://www.eastcarolinawildfowlguild.com/pdf/2010fullcolorbrochure.pdf In addition to the...
  17. mburke911

    CL: WinstonSalem 16" Porter Jointer - $2300 (East Bend)

    Not mine.... 16" Porter Long Bed Jointer 4-Knife Crescent Head with Belted / 3 Phase / 5 Hp 230 /460 volt motor http://winstonsalem.craigslist.org/tls/1304871566.html
  18. ErnieM

    East Wake Hardwoods Update

    I spoke to Roger yesterday. He says he's feeling good and he certainly sounded well on the phone. He is closing down the wood business but not the Wonc Gallery. In fact, he's expanding it from its present 800 sq. ft. in Zebulon to over 6000 sq. ft. in the new location in Raleigh. He's hoping to...
  19. Bas

    East Wake Hardwoods going out of business

    Just saw this on Craig's List. Technically, this should go to the Found For Sale/ Hot Deals forum, but when a lumber supplier goes out of business, it's hard to gloat.... East Wake Hardwoods, Retail Dealer of both domestic and exotic hardwood lumber 115 W. Horton Street , Zebulon, NC...
  20. C

    new to the east

    Hi my name is cliff, I just moved to hickory in feb from san diego. In san diego, being a woodworker is somewhat rare and I am pleased to find this site here in nc. I look forward to all the reasorces at my didsposal and I guess now's as good a time to start as any. Im going to be building an...

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