1. backyard deer

    backyard deer

    outside of my workshop with a little forrest visiter
  2. M

    Starting a Deer Trophy Mount Project

    I have a co-worker who has asked me to make a mount base for a deer head he wants to display on his wall. I figured there's a chance that there are one or two hunters out there who might be able to help me. This guy brought me a paper pattern (to size) of the mount-base he wants. It is a...
  3. Truefire

    Artisan seeking Whitetail Deer Antler

    I am trying to obtain some whitetail deer antler(s) or segments thereof that measure approximately 1.25"-1.75" in diameter. The antler would need to still contain it's natural color tones and not be bleached out in any way. If you have some older deer antlers that you would like to depart...
  4. S

    carved deer mirror

    This was a commission carved from white pine and avodire. I made a jig for the oval and used biscuits to join the pieces together. The deer and leaves were carved from avodire (think that is how it is spelled) which is stronger but similar in color. It was a really fun piece and I will...
  5. S

    Latest drum; project for niece

    **EDIT 3/19/2011: I reheaded/relaced the drum today. New photo added. Also shows the rattles I made. ----- My niece likes the celtic drums I make ("bodhrans") and asked if I could make her a drum for her Indian Princess (YMCA) "tribe." I got some magnolia from BobN last June (he...
  6. PChristy

    Deer Antler Question(update)

    I tried to post this in the "Off Topic" forum but it would not let me - so I will post it here since it is related to turning somewhat - I was told today that it is illegal to make and sale anything that is made out of deer antler's in NC - I can make it and give it away but not sale it - ex...
  7. J

    Deer antler

    I got some deer antler some time ago and ruined it all. could not drill a straight hole etc. I just receive some more from long and far away. Although, not that much. Do not want to make a mess of this lot. Is there someone close to me, 50 miles, that could help an idiot learn how to...
  8. DaveO

    Oh deer....

    Got reindeer in my shop. My wife suggested that I make some yard art for Ava's Kindergarten class garden area. They will be learning about reindeer next week, so I thought it would be cool if they all got to school and saw a bunch of reindeer outside. I found this plan and picture on the web...
  9. B

    Elevated deer stand ?

    I'm new to the site and loving it so far. I just recently built my own 20X20 workshop and have been gathering idea's for workbenches from the site. Lots of great info on here. Anyways I'm wanting to build an elevated deer stand to hunt in when the weather is bad or when the wife or my six year...
  10. PChristy

    What time is it Deer

    looking through my old pics again and found this one - I did it for a friends grandson that likes to hunt Here it is after I cut it out on the scroll saw/with the clock in for picture taking Here it is finished Made out of 3/4 Popular - I can't remember what the framing was - I guess I...
  11. S

    deer have invaded my yard!

  12. C

    John Deer 959J

    I have to admit, I am a fan of History Channel's Modern Marvels. Recently, they had a show on "Saws". One of the machines they highlighted was the John Deer 959J. It's an absolute Monster. It can cut down an 18 Inch tree in 1 second, can lift 18, 000 pounds. Check out the link and see the...
  13. jaustin

    Deer Antler and Rattlesnake

    I turned some antler this weekend, Friend had some laying around his house. So why not try to turn it. Also turned rattlesnake that i got off ebay. Used a slime line kit with a 308 cartridge. Wet sanded it thru 12000 MM i did finally get a few 30-06 brass going to use one of them next...
  14. DaveO

    'Nother pen...Oh, deer

    A friend gave me some shedded Whitetail Deer antler to play with and asked if I would make him a pen out of it. So to try something a little different I turned a Classic American pen out of the antler. Both pieces came from the same "rack" but in different areas. I wanted to leave some bark on...
  15. Joe Scharle

    Christmas Deer

    Here's something to play with on your new saw Insomniac! I put a cutout in my album should anyone want it. Joe

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