1. W

    CNC Option For Legacy Ornamental Mill

    Two points to this message: 1. Legacy has just announced an upcoming release of a CNC Option for their 900, 1200, and 1800 models. Go to for their video demo. As usual a bit pricey, but if you're interested it may be useful to explore. 2. I have the model...
  2. D

    CNC work

    The LOML's birthday is comming up and I was going to get her a CNC routed picture of her and the grandson. 2 years ago her and I were at the Woodworking Show here in Charlotte and spoke to a vendor with CNC machines. She loved the work he displayed. He stated that he did some side work in the...
  3. WoodWrangler

    CNC Time

    My wife and I are looking for someone in the Charlotte (or surrounding) area who may have a CNC machine that we could use (or rent some time on). The project: As some of you know, she has a side business renting out large yard signs ( The signs are 8ft by 4ft and are...
  4. A

    CNC Controller

    We are looking to use the MACH 3 controller on a new line of routers. Here's the website: Are any of your guys familiary with this? Or do you have an opinion on it based on the website? Looking for average joe feedback. I know what are cnc guys say, they love...
  5. B

    CNC Routers

    Hello, I am a newbie, just joined a short while ago. This is a really good site! I used to work as a cabinetmaker 20 years ago, but couldn't make a living with it. This time around, I am trying it again , but just as a serious hobby and maybe some part-time occupation to recoup some of the...

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