1. N

    CNC Router Services?

    Does anyone know of any companies offering CNC services in the Matthews/Charlotte area capable of manufacturing custom pistol grips? I'm having an entrepreneurial moment!
  2. ebarr

    DIY CNC Machine

    I found this on thought some of you might be interested. I looked into the kickstarter web page about a month ago, it is a very interesting concept and great to fund projects.
  3. D

    cnc router

    We're making ribs for surfboards and even when we gang them up it takes time. Anyone have suggestions for small scale cnc machine. I need something that can handle 2' by 36" or better but need to keep cost down. Used is fine or home build that's working. thanks, dan...
  4. Umich684

    CNC for Rent?

    Have a sign to make, and looking to put a wood blank(20x60ish) in a CNC machine to mill out a logo that has a lot of text in it (something I couldn't carve crisply). Anyone know of such a CNC machine that would be avaliable? I've input the design in AutoCAD, and can transfer to CNC protocol...
  5. SgtSnafu

    Anyone have a CNC Router?

    I am looking for someone with a CNC router to make me a MDF template. Preferably within 100 miles of Greensboro, but can be anywhere if you don't mind shipping the finish product via priority mail... Thank you in advance for your time. Scotty
  6. S

    Hello from Holly Springs

    I joined about 6 mos ago, looked up some information on local wood suppliers, then got tied up with several projects and haven't been back since. I finally got some time to come back and start reading, reading, reading. My most recent woodworking projects involve making celtic drums (or...
  7. W

    I"m looking for a CNC router...

    Let me rephrase that,I need somebody to do some pattern cuts for a project I'm working on.Does anybody know if there is a CNC router anywhere close to Mooresville.It does not have to be large,the biggest dimension on the parts is under 20".Any help will be much appreciated...
  8. Truefire

    Automated or partially automated cnc wood lathe

    Hey guys do any of you by chance know of a good site or catalog that i could possibly locate a small scale automated cnc wood lathe. Any suggestions? thanks, Chris
  9. T

    CNC carved Hickory Coat Rack

    After purchasing some assorted wood from Roy at great prices ( I thought I'd post a picture of the first project made with one of the pieces of hickory. The overall size is 50" wide by 9" high and the carved 3D...
  10. Coat Rack with carved Wilderness Scene

    Coat Rack with carved Wilderness Scene

    Coat rack with carved Wilderness Scene.
  11. CNC Carved Native American

    CNC Carved Native American

    A Native American carved in Cedar with a Carvewright
  12. WoodWrangler

    Looking for NCWW CNC owner

    Do you have a CNC machine? Can it cut 1/4 plastic, or mdf? If so, send me a PM ... I've got an idea and would like to see what you'd charge me to make a small run.
  13. R

    General International Demo

    Come see the General International new CNC machine at Asheville Hardware this Saturday, May 30 from noon-3pm! General Internation:
  14. Mark Stewart

    Small cnc carver???

    Do any of you possess one of those small cnc carvers you know like the one Sears sells for 2G's I ask cause this guy I work for wants an ingraving of his Military Patch from active duty I was hoping to find someone here to do it for him. Thanks Mark
  15. mburke911

    CNC Carving machine needed

    Hello, I am trying to identify someone who would be willing to carve, on a CNC machine, some Text for a sign for me. I am willing to pay for the project. I don't know anything about CNC machines or what files they take but I would like to provide a word document or some such with a phrase...
  16. L

    Major manufacturing job for bid CNC required!

    Hello We are accepting bids on a large scale production (1,000 plus units) of a new product made from MDF Ultralite material. It is a drum practice pad, and it is a 12'' round design, with 2 different tiered levels of different shapes. We would like to have it made in North Carolina. This is...
  17. Z

    CNC Routing

    Does anyone know where I can have large CNC components cut? We are building a 9' tall serpentine wall approx. 50' cord length. I'm thinking .75" plywood or MDF plates doubled up for top and bottom with stud frame. I live in Matthews NC.
  18. cubicdissection

    Anybody want a CNC router?

    I'm planning on importing a 4'x4' CNC router from China sometime between now and Xmas. Same factory I bought my laser cutter from - they have proven to have good support and communications. I'm getting pretty aggressive pricing, and thought I would throw this out there to see if any NCWW...
  19. CarvedTones

    My wannabe CNC

    No, it isn't really a CNC, but I can get similar precision with this set up. Some of you may have read my thread about the rediculous router bit from he-- uhm, I mean eBay that I was using in a low end B&D plunge router. This is what I was trying to emulate: Yep, my parts came in from...
  20. mkepke

    CNC Instruction

    I have a bit of an interest in getting into CNC machining. Does anyone have recommendations on some local instruction, preferably eves or weekends ? I think Wake Tech has day classes only. I'd rather not drop $1500-4K on a entry-level machine and "try to figure it out myself". -Mark

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