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    The WoodSpot- Charlotte (advice welcomed)

    All, We are very close to launching a new business that will be focused on supplying high quality hardwoods, plywoods and related woodcraft products (glues, sandpaper, blades, finishes) in our local store/warehouse in Charlotte. We are centering our focus on wood enthusiasts and hobbyists like...
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  5. bluthart

    Antique Woodworking Tools - Charlotte CL

    In case anyone is interested... NOT MINE BUT I WISH THEY WERE! Collection of Woodworking Tools I have for sale a working collection of various hand-planes, saws, etc. Please see images. I have several metal planes as well as a collection of wood molding planes. Stanley and Bailey planes and...
  6. T

    Charlotte Craigslist someone buy it so I do not have too

    not my stuff do not know how much the stuff is I need to stop buying stuff someone else buy it LOL if it is a good deal I was not going to waste the persons time asking
  7. T

    maybe some deals in charlotte craigslist this is not my stuff I know the Leigh jig is gone cause I got it but he has a few other things that might be a good deal to someone... it to a day or two for the guy to call me back but he is really nice and his shop space made me drool
  8. F

    Looking for 10/4+ red oak in Charlotte

    Need to make some bedposts for kid's beds to match the rest of the furniture. I can glue-up, but I figured it would be easier to just make some 2-1/4 x 2-1/4 posts. Anyone have anything? Need 10 pieces 42" long when finished.
  9. zapdafish

    Raleigh to Charlotte ( both ways )

    I have a possible trade taking place, a benchtop mortiser for a spinde sander. Not quite sure on the size of the sander yet. The mortiser would be headed to Charlotte and the sander headed back to Raleigh. Thanks..Steve
  10. M

    Turning Classes - Mooresville / Davidson / Charlotte

    I am a beginner turner and have taken a few classes at the local woodcraft in Matthews. For a variety of different reasons, I just don't feel comfortable with my technique or how my tools have been sharpened. I am looking for some 1-1 private instruction over the course of a month or two (for...
  11. bluthart

    4/4 Ash $1.50BF - Charlotte area

    I have 243 BF of kiln dried 4/4 ash for sale. $1.50/BF or will sell all for $350.00. Lengths are 61" and widths 4" to 12". I NEED TO GET IT OUT OF MY SHOP. Available ASAP.
  12. bluthart

    5/4 Red Oak $1.75 BF - Charlotte

    I have at least 200 BF of beautiful kiln dried 5/4 red oak in 61" lengths. Very flat, straight and clear. Widths from 5" to 11". I am asking $1.75/BF but will discount the whole 200 BF for $300.00.
  13. L

    New user from Charlotte

    Hi everyone. I was referred to this site by ScottM, and love that it's local to NC. I've already told my wife to plan for a day in Hickory this weekend :). I'm just a weekend hobbyist and have found scrolling projects (intarsia, fretwork, etc) to be my favorite so far. I think this is a...
  14. Shamrock

    Carpool for Charlotte Area to Shop Crawl?

    Any members going to the upcoming Shop Crawl from Charlotte and surrounding areas? Who wants to carpool?
  15. Randall Kepley

    CNC services in or near Charlotte or Concord

    Hey guys, Ive got some possible speaker designs in the works and if things turn out like I would like them to I will be out of the realm of "One at a timeing it" but anyway I live in Concord so someone fairly close would be great. Thanks, R.K.
  16. Shamrock

    Charlotte Area Get Together/Finishing the Finish workshop

    Hey all Charlotte area NCWW's, Details PM'd to all those who showed interest. PM directly with any further questions. Thanks all Ok all, here's who we have so far (L = lunch -starts at 12:30 Sonny's BBQ on Tyvola Rd. D = demo at Shamrock's) Pete M -- L + D neslone -- L + D tarhead -- L + D...
  17. S

    CNC routing in the Charlotte/Pineville area?

    Hi all. Looking for reasonably priced CNC routing in the Charlotte/Pineville area. Hoping to begin a project building a new set of speakers, and am in need of someone to perform the cutouts for the internal bracing, as well as the main baffle (which would have some recesses cut as well to...
  18. bluthart

    PE Request - Dale City VA to Charlotte NC

    Hello folks! I was wondering if anyone might be able to help me get 6 boxes of hardwood flooring from Dale City VA to near Charlotte NC. The boxes are about 6 feet long by a foot wide by 5 inches thick and weigh 50 lbs each. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  19. ashley_phil

    Charlotte Woodworkers - Easy Wood Tools Demo

    This month's presentation at Charlotte Woodworkers Assoc will be on Easy Wood Tools lathe tools and the like. I'm hoping it is a very informative meeting. Hope some of yall can make it out.
  20. S

    PE request: Washington, NC to Cassatt, SC (or Charlotte or Fayetteville)


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