1. winding sticks

    winding sticks

  2. fore plane

    fore plane

  3. riven - man, I need a froe!

    riven - man, I need a froe!

  4. split


  5. Red Oak log from Gotcha6!

    Red Oak log from Gotcha6!

  6. nelsone

    Carved Turning

    Here's something I just finished. My dad showed me a lidded box he turned a couple weeks ago and I loved the basic shape, but I decided to take it a step further and carve it. It is walnut and the carving is supposed to be walnut branches. I hope you like it!
  7. nelsone

    Another Carved Plaque for Over the Door.

    I did two of these rose carvings for my inlaws. Unfortunately I didn't finish my MIL's until this evening. I did show her the WIP on Christmas Eve and she seemed impressed.
  8. woodArtz

    Carved sign

    Hi folks, I have a friend who is looking for a custom wooden sign. I think the design is what you'd call relief carving where the letters are raised above the background. He is looking for something in the 18" x 24" range. I can get more details if necessary. Please PM me if you are interested...
  9. Mel Joines

    Carved Christmas Orniments

    I carved a couple orniments for the Western North Carolina Carvers Asso. pictures are in my photo section. Mel
  10. cskipper

    New carved spoon - what kind of finish?

    Here's a spoon carved from Basswood. You can see it better if you enlarge it. I didn't want to change the color because I wanted you to see it as white as it is. My last attempt at staining was pretty disastrous. I'd appreciate suggestions about how to finish it.
  11. Cana Lilly carved spoon

    Cana Lilly carved spoon

    Carved from Basswood. Approximately 12" in length
  12. Nativespec

    Carved Bowls and Serving Tray

  13. Carved Spoon

    Carved Spoon

    Carved Spoon - Pear
  14. Carved Spoon

    Carved Spoon

    Carved Spoon - Don't know what wood
  15. Carved Spoon

    Carved Spoon

    Carved Spoon - Basswood
  16. cskipper

    My 1st carved spoon!

    TA DA!!!!!!! I want to thank Mike for being allowing me this opportunity to learn a new skill. I have never carved and learned a great deal through the project. Things I learned - 1. DO NOT CARVE CURLY MAPLE. 2. Scary sharp tools are a must - keep supplies next to you and "tune up"...
  17. Spoon 3

    Spoon 3

    Carved spoon #3
  18. walnutjerry

    Carved Volute

    Here is an attempt to post a carving detail of the volute on the ears of the writing arm chair. Hope it worked again. Jerry

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