1. Flute Maker

    Beall Wood Buffing System

    Has anybody ever used the beall wood buffing system? I make flutes and wonder about using this.. I really would like something to help take some of the hand work out of the sanding around the mouthpiece and other areas..I use the Sorby sandmaster and it works great. Thanks...
  2. timf67

    BLO with Beall Buff a NO-NO?

    Okay, so I was trying out my new Beall 3-on buff the other night (stealth gloat - sorry no pics yet) and the directions said not to use BLO before buffing. It recommended Minwax Antique oil, Watco, or Tung Oil. Does anyone know why BLO isn't recommended?
  3. gazzer

    Beall Tool Co. - Great Customer Service

    Just wanted to post a note describing my great experience with Beall Tools. I bought a Tilt Box a few years ago, which I found useful for many things. Recently, the thing started acting up - it would read ok on a tilt; however when level, the display would jump around wildly. It did seem to...
  4. NCTurner

    Beall style Buffing System

    So, I have benn wanting a buffing setup for my lathe. I didn't want all that came with the Beall sys, so this is what I endedup getting, to use with my drill chuck. It was a little cheaper than the Beall sys but not much. Hey every little bit helps...right! BTW who has some tips and tricks for...
  5. J

    Penn State vs. Beall Buff System?

    Has anyone heard any feedback on the Penn State Industries version of the Beaull Buff system? I can't imagine them being that different at all. They are really not much more than a multiple buffing wheels.
  6. jglord

    A question about the Beall Wood Buff system

    I just completed (just in time for Christmas) :rolf: my first band saw box with lots of coaching from Joe Rukenbrod (works at Raleigh Woodcraft and teaches a class on band saw box making:eusa_clap ) and some from Denzel. This is a present for my daughter. I finished the box by wet sanding 5...

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