1. Flute Maker

    Basic Sharpening Set Up For Turning Tools

    I need to start somewhere but I cant get everything thing at once I know.... I will need to sharpen some gouges and skews I know. I do have some EWT to use as I learn to sharpen some regular or maybe they are called more traditional turning tools so what do you guys suggest? I would like a good...
  2. G

    Any advice for a basic shop for a teenager?

    Hey all, I'm planning on spending my winter break re-organizing the un-finished section of my basement to set it up for woodworking projects. But the catch is that I'm currently a high school junior and will (hopefully) be going to college in 2013, and my parents will probably be moving and...
  3. bobby g

    Basic Relief Carving Class, October 29th, 2011

    The long awaited Basic Relief Carving Class was held today at my shop near Pittsboro. We learned a lot, made lots of chips and had great fellowship! Thanks to our instructor Stave and my fellow students for making this a great day. Here are a couple of photos; more can be found in my gallery...
  4. bobby g

    Triangle Area Basic Relief Carving Class Scheduled - UPDATE

    The class is now full. Basic Relief Carving Class I’m going to host the Triangle Area Basic Relief Carving class to be taught by Stave (Mark Strom) that was discussed last week in another thread. Mark and I have settled on...
  5. M

    RAS - Basic safety procedures

    Just picked this up from CraigsList. Holding the handle with the right hand, there is the advantage of seeing the cut being made and using, if necessary, my stronger arm to control any lurching forward of the blade. Disadvantage is the blade is aimed at my right boob. Holding the handle with...
  6. Bowl Attempts

    Bowl Attempts

    Practice Work Clockwise from left - after five tries!
  7. Round Sticks

    Round Sticks

    Practice Work
  8. Scoops & Spoons

    Scoops & Spoons

    Practice Work
  9. Scoop Step One

    Scoop Step One

    Practice Work Turn a hollow vessel and then trim it to make a scoop.
  10. Some Scoops

    Some Scoops

    Practice Work
  11. N

    Basic Bowl Turning with Bill Wallace.

    Today, I took the Basic Bowl Turning class taught by Bill Wallace at the Raleigh Woodcraft . Excellent class for starting out. Bill is an outstanding instructor who speaks clearly and concisely and makes the whole experience fun. He covered wood structure, cutting basics, chisel selection...
  12. eyekode

    Basic carving set for cabinet pulls, handles etc

    I have always liked the hand shaped pulls on Krenov's cabinets. I would like to carve handles for a small box top and probably a cabinet door/drawer in the future. Any suggested reading? Any recommendations on where to get started? Thanks! Salem
  13. Bigdog72

    Basic Cabinet Construction Question

    I learned to build all my kitchen base cabinets with a 3 1/2" toe space. But...I am not happy with the way my cuts come out for this. I use a jig saw but the cuts are never spot on. There is always one cut that wanders or whatever. What is your technique for making this cut?
  14. William Roscoe

    Basic Question

    I turned some green spalted maple and left it a little oversized and put anchorseal on it everywhere except the tenon on the bottom so I wouldn't interfer with putting it back on the lathe in 6 mts. Should I go back and put it on the bottom too? If so, how can I get it off when the time comes to...
  15. Bigdog72

    Basic Bandsaw Question

    I have never owned (or used) a band saw before and I am trying to self teach myself so I have a very basic question about fences. As soon as I got my $175 band saw home I immediately researched and ordered a $110 fence for it. Now, this blue fence looks right pretty sitting there but, other than...
  16. Will Goodwin

    Basic Woodworking Class

    I started my Basic Woodworking Class at Klingspor's last night. We didn't actually do anything the first day, so no pics... sorry y'all. I'm sure with 3 weeks left, I'll get some. Over the course of 3 weeks we'll build a shaker table with a drawer and subsequently learn about most of the...
  17. Bas

    Basic ad-vise

    I'm building a workbench, sort of a hybrid between two PWW designs - the slab from one and the frame from another. So far, I have about 20 hours into the 24-hour bench, and I'm halfway done :-) :eusa_whis I purchased a large front vise from Lee Valley, and want to mount it on the shoulder (as...
  18. dtomasch

    Looking for basic rocking chair plans

    Good Morning......8-O I am searching for a set of plans to build a basic rocker. I have plans for an adirondak style, but am looking for something a bit more formal. I've never built one, but my best friend's wife is pregnant and I figure that gives me just enough time to build one for a new...
  19. woodguy1975

    Basic Lathe Techniques Class-May 27th

    Ok guys and gals, I figured I'd go ahead and post about the upcome Basic Lathe Techniques class for those who are interested. Here is a link to the signup page and description and signup. The...
  20. rick7938

    Jointer Basic Training

    Yesterday, I finished refurbishing an old 6" Craftsman jointer that I inherited from my Dad. It has a 36" cast iron bed and fence and seems to run OK after I built a stand and installed a motor and new blades. I need some advice on properly using my new old jointer. I have never used one...

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