1. timf67

    Large item from Charlotte to Ashville

    I am working on the sale of my bandsaw, and we would need a PE from Charlotte to Ashville. If anyone can help, please PM me.
  2. R

    Ashville CL

    There are a few lathes on cl.Just in case someone is looking:dontknow:.

    Ashville to apex pe request

    Im making a bid on a project and was wondering if anyone could help with delivery if i get the job. Otherwise i would have to charge for such a long located in rosman but would be happy to meet someone in ashville to get this table on its way to its new home. Thanks in advance.
  4. T

    Jointer p/u help needed in Ashville!

    Yup I am buying the Delta jointer in Ashville. The guy seems very nice but would like to get out of the way as soon as possible. I am not sure yet how I am going to make this work. One thought is to have someone go and pick iy up for me and hold it untill I can get there or a pony express deal...
  5. NCTurner

    FYI found on Ashville CL Not, mine just thought I'd put it up.
  6. ScottM

    Dinner In Ashville on Friday ALL are welcome

    I want to thank those who provided suggestions for dinner at Asheville. Each of them sound great. But there is a problem. There are just too many great sounding place. :wink_smil I know there are several members staying at the Days Inn Airport. My loml and I included. Any one who wants to...
  7. eddie joe

    Ashville Hardweare/Rockler!!

    I got a card in the mail today announcing--"two great names in woodworking have joined to bring you the best in woodworking gear" ROCKLER AND ASHVILLE HARDWEAR..... The card also has a 20% off coupon good until feb 17th but not on power tools. We now have an even better selection of...

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