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Flute Maker

I need some wood...cherry, walnut, some exotics or any other wood that would be good for flutes....I dont want any pine though. I might could use some poplar if it had good color..

Or point me to the best stores you guys buy wood from...I don't want to drive any more than 2 hrs one way.

I have a table saw but if I could pay a little extra to have it cut to size that would be good...Sizes I need are 1 1/2" square by 32 long and 1 1/4" long by 30 long.....My table saw isnt the best in the world....And Im looking for a good floor model bandsaw...Thanks

Nate Davey

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I get all my wood from a sawmill over on Strickland Bridge Road here in Fayetteville. He had A LOT of walnut, no exotics though.

Bryan S

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I know it is a good drive for you, but the shorts bins at The Hardwood Store in Gibsonville is just what you are looking for you.

And let me add that a stop at The Hardwood Store will be part of an upcoming shop crawl, thanks to Cheyrllewis. If you are interested, details will be coming.


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What you are describing is "leg wood". It's cut to almost exactly those dimensions, straight grained and clear. I know you are aware that I have a stash of it that I have plans for, so this isn't a sell offer. I just wanted to make sure you know what is often called.

Another idea -You may want to think about getting some rough 8/4 from a sawyer and use a circular saw rather than your tablesaw to rip it; since you want to turn it round, accuracy of 1/16" or so is all you need and a straight edge and a circular saw will get you there and it's a lot less nerve racking to push a saw along a long piece of 8/4 than the other way around (and yes, I am suggesting ripping it board length and then cutting to desired length).


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Click on "Woodworking in NC" in the brown section on the top of the screen you're looking at right now.
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