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I had a lumbar/sacral fusion along with lumbar stenosis irrigation on 1/29. I go home from rehabilitation tomorrow. Restricted to no bending, twisting, or lifting over 10# until after follow-up with neurosurgeon in mid March. Also getting around with a brace and walker. Good news (if you can call it that) is I am at rehabilitation the same place as my mother.
I hope LOML can tolerate whittling shavings until I can use the vacuum. :gar-Bi I can only take so much Andy Griffith and I hit my limit on that with bronchitis the 2 weeks before the surgery.
Glad to see everyone here is doing well.


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Maybe you can take up the scrollsaw as well..LOL But it is hard to sit around and not do the many things you love doing!

Good luck, keep your spirits up, and get well soon.


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Here's wishing for a good recovery.

I've had a prolapsed disc since I was 18 (30+ years) so can sympathise somewhat.

Richo B

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Glad to see I'm not the only one having to sit out Woodworking for a while. Though your stuff appears more complicated than my broken arm. Take the time to recover, something I'm trying to learn as well.

Phil S

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Phil Soper
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Check out the Golden Girls and the Hallmark valentine movies - Seriously, do what they say and give your body some time. Sure hope you make a complete recovery.


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Wow Dennis, hate to hear that but glad you are in the recovering process. My mother and sister both had spinal fusions and such, know it is a process but the results can be rather complete. Wish you the swiftest most pain free recovery possible my friend.
I didn't know there was a limit to Andy Griffith though - I can still watch them non stop... although Debbie wishes I could/would with my mute button on.


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Get better real soon my friend. As already mentioned it is time to learn how to scroll.


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Hope all goes well with your recovery. I have 3 fused vertebrae in my neck. Recovery took time but wasn't any real problem.

Jim M.

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Get some woodworking magazines to keep your spirits up, and get well soon, God bless, Jim


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Wishes for prompt recovery. If you get too bored and need another Union County hangout location, come on over. My shop vac hose weighs less than 10 lbs

Dave Richards

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Get well soon. Don't push it or it'll take longer.

Your lifting restriction reminded me of my mother-in-law. About 10 years ago she had open heart surgery. I was talking to her after she got home from the hospital. She said her doctor had given her an 8 pound lifting restriction. I asked how she knew she wasn't lifting more than 8 pounds. She said, "The nurse told me a gallon of milk weighs 8 pounds so I pick up a gallon of milk in one hand and compare it to the object in my other hand. If the other object weighs more, I put it down." :gar-Bi She was a funny lady.

Maybe now's the time to brush up on your SketchUp skills. Having recently retired from my day job, I have a little free time to do more teaching.

Joe Scharle

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Watch out for the first 'I feel OK now' moment. It's a trick!
Follow doctor's orders; they've seen more than you on this.

Bill Clemmons

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May you recover well and get back in the shop soon. :icon_thum And before you know it you'll be doing this. :banana: Well, maybe not.
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