Ryobi BT3000 Series Miter Slot Add-ons -- Any opinions

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Marvin Watkins
While I dream of the day that I get to buy a more serious tablesaw, I currently own a Ryobi BT3000. While it has its limitations, it has been very useful over the last six years. Of course, it cannot really take advantage of a lot of jigs and such that rely on the miter slots in standard tablesaws.

I have heard of a miter slot attachment put out by Ryobi. Here is a picture of a left and right one installed.

I was wondering if any of the Ryobi users out there have these or have used them and what their thoughts are on them?



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I don't know diddly about the BT3000, but other members mention the BT3 forum as a great place for info. IIRC RCorne and others give it high praise.



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That is pretty close to the setup I had before.

Things that you suddenly can do.

feather boards
Crosscut sled
Tenoning jig
and lots of others


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dick cunningham
I have had the BT3100 saw for 3 years now, and have the miter slot insert for it and use it quit a lot for quick cuts. It is a little hard to square up, but when it is set it is easier to use for short stuf then the sled.


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I too had a BT3000 saw and was very happy with it. I found the accessory kit at HD for around a $100. It included not only the miter slot pictured but also the fence and rings for attaching a router, a zero clearance plate, wheels for mobilizing the saw, and some dust collection attachments.
IMHO, for the money it was a good addition to a pretty nice saw.


HD in Statesville has an BT3100 accesory kit (1) on mark-down of $75.00. It was there last Friday.



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Jim Heffner
I have the Bt3100, and I have dual miter slots installed on both sides of the blade as in the picture. I wanted slots on both sides like a standard
tablesaw has, it looks better from my perspective and more functional
as well. It also provides better stability and control for larger jigs such
as crosscut sleds. If, I ever upgrade to a hybrid or any other saw
I would definately want dual miter slots so I can do want I want to
when I want to do it.This saw has some drawbacks, I think that they
should be factory installed, but they are not difficult to install yourself
and I think you would like it better with the dual slots once in place.

You can get them from ebay usually $45.00 and up plus shipping.
Also check on BT3 central website, some guys there part out their saws
and sell the individual pieces for different prices so it may be a good source. eezlock


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John Macmaster
I too had the Bt3000, when it first came out. I owned it for about 8 years.
Setup and squaring up can be time consuming, but once achieved, it will cut very accurate.
I was able to cut 1/16th veneers with it, which I would adhere to the ends of plywood.
Motor at times would be under strenght, but with good sharp blades, you can overcome some of that.
The early models had problems with the shims falling out, but I heard that they fixed that with the 3100 series.
I was happy with mine, till I could save up for a big boy cabinet saw.
She made allot cabinets over those years till I retired her to a friend of mine, when I got my big boy.
Have fun and enjoy.
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