1. charlie jones

    Slot mortiser

    Here are some photos of my new slot mortiser. I built it from plans from " It works great. I estimate that I spent less than 300.00 including the router. I changed a few things from the plans to suit my needs. I just cut a bunch of mortises on a blanket chest project and they were...
  2. J

    Aluminum miter slot runners

    I ordered a couple pieces of 6063, 3/8" X 3/4" aluminum bars from ENCO ( They are exactly 0.750" wide, and fit my saws miters slots "like a glove." But they only come in 24" lengths. Enco item # 240-2401. Enco also has dial indicators and points sets on sale in current sales flyer...
  3. zapdafish

    5mm slot cutter

    Anyone in the Raleigh area have a 5mm slot cutter I can run a few scraps through? I am looking at a European rail and stile set so of course they use metric :tinysmile_cry_t: Would like to get a few test slots cut to see if I the 1/4" ply I want to use can be jimmied to fit. It won't be Borg...
  4. NCTurner

    Multi slot mortising machine

    Check out this homebrew I want one!!
  5. rhett

    domino vs slot mortiser

    Here is the deal. I have a large number of chairs to make (12) and do not want to cut 240 M&T's the conventional way. I want to make profit, not tenons. I can either convert the G0540 into a slot mortiser (locktite on the jacobson to account for lateral movement) or buy a domino. After...
  6. dancam

    Blade Parallel to miter slot????

    Hey Folks, Need some help or advice:BangHead: :BangHead: :BangHead:. I'm trying to tune up my Unisaw (Right Tilt) and have been successful with all of the adjustments except getting the blade perfectly parallel to the left miter slot. I'm using a 1/4" flat aluminium plate (Master Plate...
  7. Sight-base router-table slotting setup, using sacrificial sled

    Sight-base router-table slotting setup, using sacrificial sled

    Here the base blank is shown mounted with a piece of double-stick tape to a sacrificial MDF sled to allow the small piece to traverse the hole in the router baseplate; multiple passes were made with a 1/4 inch straight bit to cut a slot through the blank.
  8. Slotting jig for router

    Slotting jig for router

    This jig is thrown together with scrap pieces and double-stick tape, to guide the router (used with a bushing) while slotting the rosewood blank to make the "ladder" (the vertical part) of the rifle sight.
  9. M

    Ryobi BT3000 Series Miter Slot Add-ons -- Any opinions

    While I dream of the day that I get to buy a more serious tablesaw, I currently own a Ryobi BT3000. While it has its limitations, it has been very useful over the last six years. Of course, it cannot really take advantage of a lot of jigs and such that rely on the miter slots in standard...
  10. smessick

    Threaded hole in miter slot

    I just bought a DeWalt Woodworker's Table Saw and both miter slots have a threaded hole in the bottom. Anybody know what those are for?

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