1. W

    Need help with BT3000: Raising Blade

    I am having trouble raising the blade completely on my BT3000. I found this out when trying to remove a dado blade and not being able to raise the blade far enough above the internal dust cover. I had to loosen the screws on the dust cover to get the blade off. With the normal blade...
  2. C

    Possible BT3000 for $55 on Clt CL

    Not sure if it's a BT3000. Not mine -
  3. S

    Ryobi BT3000 $75 (Wilson)

  4. woodworker2000

    BT3000 Woodcutting System on Raleigh CL-I'd have to see this one in action!!!

    Saw this on Raleigh CL and got a good laugh when I saw the pics......I'd have to see how this one works. It must be one of those fancy European systems. Think it is accurate? Ryobi BT3000 woodcuttting system - $300 Reply to: Date: 2007-06-19, 7:35AM EDT...
  5. M

    Ryobi BT3000 Series Miter Slot Add-ons -- Any opinions

    While I dream of the day that I get to buy a more serious tablesaw, I currently own a Ryobi BT3000. While it has its limitations, it has been very useful over the last six years. Of course, it cannot really take advantage of a lot of jigs and such that rely on the miter slots in standard...

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