Rub-A-Dub in a wooden tub?

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Still looking for a unique gift for that someone special? You could whip out a wooden bathtub before Christmas, or for the sum of $34,000.00 have it delivered!!:nah:

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There’s a natural attraction to a wooden soaker that’s peaceful and serene. The Bathtub 7000 by PSCBaths brings outdoor elements into your bathroom with a sophisticated design that creates a rustic vibe and unique environment. It’s made from Iroko, which is a large hardwood tree from the west coast of Africa. Originally this variety of wood was used in boat-building because it’s very durable, which makes it ideal in the bathroom. At the suggested retail price of $34,000 this exotic bathing beauty could be your very own soaking vessel.:rotflm:

Otis Anderson

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That is beautiful!

Is it weird that after seeing this I have instantly formed a plan on actually how easy that would be to make, especially if I can gain access to a cold press for a 48 hour period! My wife would LOVE the looks of that, only question is what would be a good domestic wood? Quilted Maple would look gorgeous!?!?

Joe Scharle

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Bill, I like your 'tubs'. :eusa_danc

I finally tried a nut dish to test my setup. Process took far longer than I would have thought.


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I always thought it would be cool to rough one out from a whole log, a chainsaw and use a grinder to shape it. Lots of end grain to deal with but I guess you could entomb it with bar top finish to stabilize it and keep it from cracking.
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