1. Timmy

    Ohio Tool Company Plane

    I have been wanting a wooden jack plane for a while now. I have two jointer planes, a 24" and 30", a wooden transitional smoother, but I felt like I needed a wooden jack plane. I found this great deal and jumped on it. When it arrived the body was fairly dry and the iron was well rusted. I...
  2. Wooden Rose

    Wooden Rose

    This rose was made from wood shavings.
  3. Wooden bowl by woodman2k

    Wooden bowl by woodman2k

  4. carved wooden pliers

    carved wooden pliers

  5. Wooden Backhoe

    Wooden Backhoe

    Wooden Backhoe with completely movable parts made out of Poplar. The wooden tracks, front bucket, rear bucket, side stabilizers, and bucket seat are all movable.
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  7. willarda

    Restoring Wooden Planes

    Missing a wedge? A fence? Need a blade reground? Threads on your screw arm plow stripped? Mouth too wide on that special bench plane? Missing some boxing? I will be conducting a two day workshop at the Woodwright's School, Feb 25-26 and again on September 8-9, focusing on restoring to...
  8. Truefire

    Wooden tool chest made for specialty tooling

    My wooden tool chest i made for my specialty tooling such as collets, drills, chucks and mandrels. The chest was made out of White Oak and some Poplar for the drawer sides. I wanted to build the chest out of Wormy Chestnut but was unable to find any that was readily available and...
  9. Trivet, 3d effect - Butternut

    Trivet, 3d effect - Butternut

    Trivet with 3d effect in Butternut. 6: x 6" x 3/8" Butternut Pattern by Michael Dunn
  10. B

    Rub-A-Dub in a wooden tub?

    Still looking for a unique gift for that someone special? You could whip out a wooden bathtub before Christmas, or for the sum of $34,000.00 have it delivered!!:nah: View image in gallery View image in gallery There’s a natural attraction to a wooden soaker that’s peaceful and serene...
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