Revised the DeWalt Saw- before / after


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When I got relocated to Hawaii, I had to leave a bunch of stuff because of weight allowance the relocation package had. That meant I had to sell the Cabinet saw, the Trailblazer Welder, the ATV and a bunch of other stuff to keep under the 10,000 lb max.
Anyway, when I got here I got a Delta Shopmaster. TBH ok saw, but just am used to better.

Fast forward to today. I am waiting for permits to get approved to build a shop, but because of the Covid thing I could be waiting 6-9 months 0_o. So I got this DeWalt 746 saw off Craig's was 350.00 I figure this will hold me over until next year.
Decent saw, cuts accurate. The stand they put it on is corny. So, I figured I would just enclose it to improve the collection of dust.
Anyway, The pixs show what I did. Don't be too critical this cost me 10 bucks to do. Everything I used was what I had available already; leftover plywood, the grey is my house paint, the hammered green was leftover from work, as the metal rods and hardware. Both table extensions are adjustable. I only bought the square tube. I used Santos on the saw side of the rip fence and Mahogany on the other sides. Still need to duct up the dust collection. Waiting on the measuring tape and new switch, this switch is unsafe IMHO. This should hold me over until I get a real shop going.

The saw has has some odd things about it. The blade rotation speed is set to 3000 rpm. Probably set this way to get a bit of extra torque. Might sheave it up a bit to 3500, just to see if the added speed helps or not. I have plenty of adjustable sheaves from work. The other, is the way they attached the motor to the swing arm, the swing arm is welded on to the motor as an assembly. This is lame. But, at the end of the day, the saw is accurate and is easy to use.



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Nicely done! If it cuts as good as it looks, I expect great furniture :)
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Thank you, It can strip down to 3/64 correction .0168 thick without chatter with the new modified fence, haven't tried to go thinner yet. I would have used all Santos, but the Santos was near the bottom of the stack and I was just too lazy to unstack it to get to it.

Good job on that saw! Fence looks solid- how’s it cut?
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I'm impressed.
There's no small amount of both work and engineering involved in that upgrade.
The resulting saw should serve well for many years to come and do so better than what is available new today.

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