need some finish carpentry in Cary

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A couple of projects with builtins, one a repair and the other a "finish where someone dropped the ball"...

I don't do flat work nor carpentry very well, so yeah, a guy who claims to be a woodworker is looking for finish carpentry help.

We have one of those builtin kitchen desks that protrudes from a wall. It is coming off the wall. I think the problem started when we had wall paper removed. I looked undernath hoping it was something simple I could manage, but it looks like it may need detaching and repair as the top is loose from the side on one edge and one of the blocks used to brace it against the wall is split. Also, just pushing it will not get it flush against the wll again, so more is going on than is obvious.

We have some builtin cabinets and drawers along a wall in the bonus room that were delivered, but needed some adjustments (shimming and whatnot) and the guy who made them (the father of a friend of my wife's) started having health troubles and I think he eventually quit doing cabinetry. I know he quit doing ours. And because of the connection, we aren't pushing to get anything done through him.
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