Naked chest of drawers

Henry W

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Thanks for taking the time to do a photographic essay for us. I really enjoyed seeing your process to accomplish that design. Very inspiring. It makes me think I want to go out and get one those dovetail jigs.
Echoing Bob here - the details and jigs are a delight to 'witness' in pics and text, as is the end product! Wonderful. Thank you.

I may have to adopt your rough edge ripping jig, although the track saw does a decent job too. More options!
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I like it. Shows excellent workmanship and I really like the sliding dovetails at the drawer fronts. From what I can see the finish looks like it was sprayed on (??). If not that is some really good brush/rag work. I sprayed pre-cat lacquer on a the dresser I made for my son which I liked a lot.

Congratulations on a great looking project.

Tim Sherwood

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You are right Ray. I sprayed shellac on the drawer parts, before I cut the joints. That kept the boards clean during fabrication. It also helped me decide on the best looking faces and placements. Then I sprayed again after assembly and fitting.
Dirk I can't blame anyone else for this design. It kind of evolved. Once I settled on the look I wanted, I did make a full size drawing to get the legs and runners to line up.

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