Making a Fence for Delta 14 Bandsaw

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I have a 14 Delta bandsaw with the riser block. I just wanting some ideas on making a simple fence. I dont use it a lot but want something a little better than clamping a board to the table. TIA


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I upgraded the fence on my Delta contractor's table saw to an Incra fence. I kept the old fence/rails and cut these down to use on my band saw (same model as yours -- 14" Delta w/riser). It works perfect. Perhaps you could find someone who has upgraded their table saw fence and wants to get rid of the old one.


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There are magnetic fences that work grest. They can be positioned any were on the table and you dont have to have any hardware attached to the saw.

I have the Carter and Magswitch both are good fences.

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There are some good high quality options available, and I'm sure they would all do a great job. But that quality usually comes w/ a pretty hefty price. If you just want to cut a straight line on a board and don't mind a low tech/low price solution, try a magnetic tool holder. I use something like this on my smaller band saw when I just want a quick cut. Plop it down close to where you want it, then use light taps to fine tune it.

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Now I like the Delta contractor saw fence that is repurposed and the Kreg ones are great too but right now I can easily go the magnetic route until I decide whether or not to spend some $.....A bonus I have some magnets in shop that will work..... I actually have one just like Bill suggested plus a magswitch one also that is unused at the time....All that metal base on the bandsaw and I didnt think about a magnet lol! Thanks guys!


Check out the band saw fence tip over at Woodsmith. Go to, tips and techniques, band saw fence

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