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My wife belongs to a small Mah Jongg Club and she asked me to make a small box for their upcoming meeting. They do a gift swap twice a year and she wanted something that was Mah Jong themed.

I had some scraps of curly zebra wood and some purple heart. It's approximately 5" square and is lined with purple heart and has an MJ tile inlaid in the top. I was pretty happy with some cheapo stop hinges I found on Amazon. They cost ~$14.00 for a 12 pair package w/screws. They were very easy to install w/a 6mm straight router bit.

(Alamic Mini Hinges for Wood Box Jewelry Box 90 Degree Golden Box Hinge Jewelry Box Hinge with Screws - 12 Pack - -

I sanded to 400 grit and finished with a couple of coats of Odies Dark Oil.

MJ Box 1.JPG
MJ Box 2.JPG
MJ Box 3.JPG
MJ Box 4.JPG
MJ Box 5.JPG
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