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Roger Goldman
As a brief add-on to my comments about double sided tape, I'd like to share that there are times that a simple hot glue gun is useful for temporarily holding pieces together for marking, lining up holes, etc. As well, I use spray adhesive when attaching a drawing of a shape (either hand drawn, or more often a CAD drawn shape) to say 1/2" MDF when I'm making a template to use with a pattern router bit (either top or bottom bearing). An example would be a template for a Queen Anne leg. Another example would be if I needed a perfectly circular piece or a special shape for a commission. By either drawing a circle (using a compass) or shape by hand or printing one out using my CAD program, then, using the spray adhesive attaching the drawing to the blank, rough cutting it on the bandsaw, then sanding right up to the line using an edge sander or spindle sander. The paper comes off very easily, and any residue can be cleaned up either by sanding or with mineral spirits or other solvent.
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Great info friend. I will definitely have to add that to my shop journal that I keep. Thanks for the tips bro. God bless.
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