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We all know how hard the emergency and ICU nurses are working. They truly are heroes.
NCWW is very good at giving back to the community - Let us focus our efforts on handmade Thank You gifts that could be given to all these nurses. A small thoughtful gift with a nice Thank You from North Carolina Woodworkers card could be made in quantity by our skilled woodworkers in their own shops and then gathered up and delivered to our local hospitals.

Just a suggestion: Here are some small wooden angels that I have made. They take about twenty minutes each.

All this takes is a lathe, some 8/4 square stock and beginner skills

I will organize all aspects of this project and will accept all the help I can get.
My goal would be to produce and distribute 1000 of these before the end of June
50 volunteers making 20 each could make this happen

Will you join the team ?? If you are not a turner, there is still much for you to do -No worries, I will put you to work

Please respond here


We have 7 turners signed up, thanks folks -- I know many more are out there
For non-turners, Scott M is coming up with a great scroll saw pattern
I have a lot of 1 3/4 x 1 3/4 x 6 mahogany blanks, plus I will have can cherry from Jack and maple from Coleman
I will be setting up local drop off point where we can collect and distribute
I also need somebody to create a NCWW thank you note that will be attached to each angel
Plus I need a team to help distribute

As an additional option, we could make angel earrings and necklaces. They are simple to make and I have everything we need


I have put together a task list and volunteer names. Please tell me what task you can help with.

Just click on the PDF below


  • angel task list - PDF.pdf
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Phil S

Phil Soper
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I found a video by Mike Peace on turning the angels, I can and will turn a few of them while I have some current projects in glue up.
Thank You. Could you share the video link, I have never seen it. It will help all


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Several of our Western NC Woodworkers Association members are collaborating with Brian Boggs Chairmakers in Asheville to produce a bunch of wooden tissue boxes for health care workers here in the western mountains. Just a small way to give back to those that are risking their lives to keep us safe.

Phil S

Phil Soper
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Is this something someone who has a lathe but hasn’t used it before could do?
Yes. It is a good beginner project. You can use a spindle gouge or a skew or the carbide scrapers
It would be best to have a chuck


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For those who do not have a lathe there are a number compound cut (3D) patterns for angels. Typically they are cut with a scroll saw. The designer who has a lot of them is Diana Thompson. I am playing with a couple of her designs to see what I want to make for this cause. Message me if you want more information.

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