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True statement:

Chess sets have knights, and the knights often look like horses, and this is a problem for turners cuz horses aren't round.


To make a replacement knight for an antique set, I often carve with various independent tools that are brought TO the material, such as a dremel. This is traditional carving, although I do not believe it is the way the Victorian turners's shops turned out chess set knights's heads.

Click here for the album.

Also, my one of my craft pages has several entries devoted to chess set knight carving.

The whole page is HERE.

And a particularly fine bit of work (I was quite pleased! Can you tell!?) is HERE.

This album is a good process album, and shows many steps of the process that the other one does not.

I believe the old carvers (for this sort of thing) were TURNERS. So, the way I will teach carving knights is by bringing the material TO the tool, mainly a sanding surface on a faceplate on the lathe. This is what I am finishing working out for the Beginners's Challenge next month.

Click here for my first-trial video on Carving a Chess Set Knight Head on the Lathe.
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