Black Friday Deals


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Looks like there are a lot of ‘sales’ going on. Thought I’d try and make a thread that everyone could post to. This way it’s all in one place.

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Home Depot has had their BF stuff out for more than a week. Lowe's has just joined them according to the ads. Northern Tool just sent me stuff in the mail yesterday, with most 'deals' available now. BF is becoming a season more than one day.

If you are in the market for drills, drivers, hammer drills, impact drivers, recip saws, and other battery powered tools, there are good packages available, often with a pair of batteries now at HD (on Ridgid, Ryobi, Milwaukee, and DeWalt particularly). Some packages include tools with brushless motors. I'd bet Lowe's has similar (but not Ridgid or Ryobi).

I'm particularly impressed with a specific Ridgid combination of 20V or 18V impact driver and hammer drill (I forget if they are brushless motors), with two batts and a charger for $200 - a way better deal if those are the tools you are looking for than their 'buy this and get pick one of these free" packages. Can you tell what what I'd like to buy?
Great selection and decent prices for those purchases.


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Grizzly is having deals on some of their machines. Mostly free shipping from what I quickly scanned. So a savings of around $200


Fuji sprayers are on sale. The spray gun/turbine are the cheapest on Amazon. Bought the accessories on klingspors. I saved about 250 on a mini mite 4 bundle with some extra crap like an additional tip (4 total) and remote. I just had to piece it all together from those two sites.

Martin Roper

I waddled through our local HD in Hillsborough today. There were a fair number of people there, but it wasn't a madhouse. I was hoping to find a few small bargains in the stocking stuffer "corrals," but didn't see anything I really wanted or needed.

Last year I picked up a nice Hitachi 12" sliding compound miter saw for 50% off at Lowes. I didn't see anything close to that kind of deal today.


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with the 10% Klingspor NCWW discount its like black friday everyday, lol. When they have anniversary sales where some items are discounted more I might drop in for something I don't really want or need like a book.

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