Another chessboard


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Looks as good as everything else I saw in your shop yesterday, meaning pretty darn good. Nice work. Appreciate the social distancing wood shop tour.


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Beautiful work Fred, that looks really clean.

As for getting it done in a day, mind blown. I'd still be counting how many squares to make :) Would be fun to see you on a show like Survivor:
Tribe 1: OK, do we build a hut on the beach or further into the woods?
Tribe 2, with Fred: OK, the house is done, dining room set is in, where shall I put the patio furniture?


I am with Bas... it's like you're the "Flash" of woodworking... would love to know how you make these, have you ever documented your process?
Anyway, it's great.


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It wouldn't surprise me if Fred pulled that off. I seem to remember students in Chesspy's weekend workshop making a set and they were mere mortals.


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Wonderful work as always Fred, you're my hero! And Happy Mother's Day to you too!:cool:;):D
Remembering Chesspy, I wonder what became of that couple? I sure enjoyed visiting with them and hope all is well wherever they may be.


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You have to remember to account for the wastage from the saw kerf when cutting the original strips to length.

Ask me how I know. No, actually don't.
I cut the strips a couple inches long. 2 of the strips (1 of each color) are ripped A bit wider. these are the outside strips. while the glue dries I make up some other pieces. Then I cut one end square with a sled then the other end. Again leaving some extra. I then cut 2 strips a bit wider and the other 6 the size if the squares I'm making. Again these go to the out side. glue up the end grain strips and get a bite to eat. now to the drum sander to get one side flat. Then I use contact cement to glue the board to some substrate. Now I cut the board and substrate to size. board is now ready for the outer band and whatever details I want. After all of this is glued up I go back to the drum sander and get the top leveled. sand and finish done. I usually start with strips about 5/16" thick. when its all said and done the squares are 1/8-3/16" veneer. This board has 2" squares. I've done bigger and smaller. 4 or 5 hours and you are ready to wipen on some oil.


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Very nice - thanks for sharing and for sharing your process. Are you using ply for your substrate?

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