1. creasman

    Article on Tools Made to Make a Federal Card Table 2022-11-30

    Journal article published in American Period Furniture, November 2021, cataloging the tools that were made during the course of building a card table in the Federal style. Click the "Download" button to download a PDF of the article. The table... ... and the tools.
  2. C

    Back Country SAPFM chapter at Klingspor Extravaganza

    Hope all you who attend the Klingspor Extravaganza in Hickory next weekend will drop by the SAPFM booth and take a look at our organization. We will have some member projects on display and the builders will be there to answer questions. If you're interested in furniture building I think we...
  3. nelsone

    SAPFM Meet

    Is anyone else going to the SAPFM (Society of American Period Furniture Maker) meet on the 18th & 19th? I'm planning to go on Saturday, but probably won't make it back up on the 19th. Agenda: April 18 – 10:00 AM – introductions 11:00 AM - Joe Mendel – demonstration of making and...
  4. Jerome B

    Local Chapter of SAPFM meeting soon

    Yes I still live Just lost beneith my to do pile. I recently got an update on the Society of American Furniture Maker's new local chapter. Here goes: As many of you may know who attended the SAPFM mid-year conference, we putting together a Carolinas chapter. The purpose of the chapter is...
  5. Jerome B

    last day of SAPFM conference (long)

    Sorry about the delay in tying up my experience at the conference. I have a hard time balancing my time when Silage cutting time comes around. 270 loads down 100 to go. In my last report I wrote about the different seminars. They were all really great. The lighting in most of the rooms was...
  6. Jerome B

    second day at SAPFM conference

    I had workshops today: Steve Latta - inlay and stringing. lots of neat tricks, might enven talk me into using a power tool. (dremel) boy were his tricks neat. I'l put up some of his stuff tomorrow. Al Breed - carving and some hand tool stuff. Id din't think that I would care for the...

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