1. zapdafish

    Longtime member catching up on some requirements

    Posting this to preserve my Dairy Queen status. :wsmile: Computer programmer by trade and a wannabe woodworker. So far I have mainly done shop stuff but have started moving onto inside the house projects. :icon_cheers
  2. SteveColes

    DQ spreadsheet list requirements.

    As I was getting ready to make the changes and fixes to the DQ spreadsheet/email program, it suddenly occured to me, that I might be making this more difficult than it needs to be. Especially since, I believe everyone is accepting the print it yourself DQ card instead while they were waiting for...
  3. jerrye

    New crib requirements

    I suppose this is in the right forum. If not admins please move. Saw this on iGoogle home page & thought it might be of interest here.
  4. farmerbw

    Low voltage wiring code?

    We're in the early stages of remodeling our kitchen, nope I'm not doing it luckily, and are considering adding under cabinet lighting. Now the project mgr, as well as several others, have told us numerous times that if we want anything electrical installed (hood, light fixtures....etc) that...
  5. SteveColes

    Exceptions to residency requirements

    The current thread by cranbrook and his bird houses, is a great example of why we should make exceptions to the residency requirements. Of course, they should be few and well chosen. Cranbrook was brought in when I closed that other photo gallery so it was just luck that he has brought something...
  6. SteveColes

    Geographic Requirements

    We neeed to decide what our geographic requirements for membership are. And also what the exceptions should be. We have a zip code database that has city county state information. I plan to use it as the basis for the modifications that I will make to the registration process. But before I...

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