1. lazylabacres

    In Need of Temporary Shop Space

    Hey Y'all, My wife and I are going to be moving to Person County in a few months and that means I am going to lose my shop space (which is currently my 2-car garage). Though the space is small, I have built up my business enough where I am going to be taking it from a side hustle to a full...
  2. T

    Community woodshop ???

    Does anyone know of a member based, community woodworking shop anywhere in the NC area? ( Charlotte, Raleigh, Durham, Greensboro, Etc.)
  3. BKind2Anmls

    Rent Woodworking DVDs

    I was talking to a couple of people and they had not heard of SmartFlix. It is an online store where you can rent how-to DVDs. They have an extensive woodworking section. I have rented several DVDs from them.
  4. DanR

    Looking to rent a flatbed truck or trailer (or hire a moving service)

    Hi Folks, I have 12,000 pounds of Cypress sitting at Ivey's place in Burgaw. I need to get it to Hillsborough. I had scheduled a trailer rental from hertz Equipment and when I got there there was a problem. They then offered me a flatbed truck, but the truck won't start :( Does anyone know...
  5. FredP

    rent my shop?

    I saw a thread a while back about shop rentals and thought I would throw this out there. I would be willing to rent my shop out on a monthly basis. Of coarse there would be certain requirements. you would be liable for your own insurance. [if ya git hurt it's on you] supply your own expendables...
  6. cpw

    UPDATE: Rent a U-Haul?

    Thanks everyone for the advice. I decided against the U-Haul, and to transport the band saw on it's spine. So, I made a cradle and pre-assembled some uprights with braces to be installed on site. Then strapped the whole thing in with ratchet tie-downs. The ride went very smoothly. I'll post...
  7. farmerbw

    Work Space for rent

    I just saw this posting on CL and was wondering if anyone had been by for a look see on the place yet. Looks like they'll be competing with TechShop but offering a pretty large personal workspace as well. Then again maybe you get space at TechShop as well. :dontknow: Join a Woodworking Co-op...
  8. Trent Mason

    need to rent wide belt sander

    Hello all, I have two poplar boards 8/4" x 9" x 6' and they are slightly bowed. I was wondering if anybody would let me run them through their WBS. :help: My alternative would be cutting them down into smaller pieces and running them across my jointer, but I'd rather just start with two big...
  9. Umich684

    CNC for Rent?

    Have a sign to make, and looking to put a wood blank(20x60ish) in a CNC machine to mill out a logo that has a lot of text in it (something I couldn't carve crisply). Anyone know of such a CNC machine that would be avaliable? I've input the design in AutoCAD, and can transfer to CNC protocol...
  10. B

    Want to rent time on drum sander - Raleigh

    Does anyone know of anyone or anywhere I can rent time on a drum sander in the Raleigh area? I only need about 20 minutes and am willing to pay. thanks for any leads, Bill
  11. timf67

    Can you rent portable saw mills?

    While visiting my mom-in-law's cabin near banner elk this past weekend I noticed quite a few dead or dying trees that we should take down. Many of them appear to be maples (sugar), buckeyes, and a few black locust. I would love to harvest some of this lumber, but I have no easy way of...
  12. T

    Place to rent manual forklift / winch stacker

    All, I've got a large equipment swap-out from Grizzly looming so I'm looking for a little mechanical assistance to help ease the removal and replacement. Does anyone know of a equipment rental company that carries manual forklifts (aka winch stackers). I think it would be handy to have...

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