1. JackLeg

    Finishing Red Cedar and Cypress

    Anyone have a good suggestion as to what to use to finish ERC and Cypress for outdoor use? (Swings, outdoor furniture etc.) Would like to keep the natural look as much as possible with little to no "gloss." Any experience with any of the Thompson's Water Seal products?
  2. JackLeg

    E. Red Cedar Finish Suggestions

    Folks: If any of you have experience with a good finish for red cedar for the outdoor environment, I'd appreciate your suggestions/experience. I have some red cedar swings we are building and several people have asked how to preserve the "cedar look" and what type finish to use. Thanx.
  3. Kyle

    Big Ol' Red Oak Burl slabbed

    Here are a few pics of a huge Water Oak Burl I slabbed out on Friday..It stood 7 feet across and when trimmed was 6 feet long. I included a few photos of the boards from the smaller burl cap that were 15" wide, 1.25" thick and 50" long. Those are for sale. I also sawed a nice Curly...
  4. Dusty Sawyer

    Square Red Oak Plate

    Thought I would try out a non-round project for a chance. It came out good, and I believe that the next one may be bigger. The wood is Red OaK which I milled from a tree myself and dried. The biggest challenge was getting the corners sanded properly while it was spinning on the lathe.
  5. Square Plate

    Square Plate

    This view of the bottom does the best job of showing off the grain. The corner lips actually turn downward a little and I had thought it would be interesting to accentuate that on the next one.
  6. Square Plate

    Square Plate

    I started this out between a spur and live center, flipped it and put it on a chuck to hollow the bowl side. The biggest challenge on this was getting the corners sanded properly through all the grits while it was turning. They really wanted to grab onto the sanding stick and take it.
  7. Square Plate

    Square Plate

    I had watched someone turn a triangular piece, but figured I should maybe start with four corners before going straight to 3. The wood is a 6" leftover scrap from a batch of Red Oak I harvested, milled and dried myself a few years ago. Pieces of this wood are somewhere between birdseye...
  8. sediener

    Red Oak Hardwood Floors vs. Big Dog...

    We bought our house about a year ago and had them put a couple extra coats of polyurethane on the hardwood floors hopefully to protect them from our 75lb golden. Unfortunately that doesn't seem to have done any good, when I do get this floor refinished in a few years, is there anything that I...
  9. MikeH

    CL: RED OAK in Charlotte

    Friend just found this on Charlotte CL. Might be able to catch him before he cuts this stuff up into 18" sections and have it milled.
  10. SteveColes

    Info in red on side of posts

    I'm reasonably sure, you have all noticed the info on the side of posts. First, please read North Carolina Woodworker Discount Program (DQ) The info on the side of posts is there for my debugging purposes, but you might it interesting also. I know I have. This info is releated to the new code...
  11. U

    Need a SAWMILL to finish rough 1/4 hewn red oak.

    A huge red oak on my property was cut down by the electric company. They left it back in the bush. I rough cut it (quarter sawn) with a chainsaw because it was too heavy to haul out of the forest. Does anyone know a portable (or non portable) saw mill in the area near Greensboro, Burlington...
  12. L

    Faceframe for red oak plywood chest of drawers

    I have put my kitchen remodel on hold to take a break. I have a red oak chest of drawers that I started with my brother several years ago that I would like to finish. It is a Norm Abram pattern, I have lost the plans and can't find them on his site. The sides and rails are all plywood. The...
  13. jimwill48

    Red Palm Blank Disaster

    :-( Tried my hand at turning Red Palm last night. The project was supposed to be a Mont Blanc pen. Had my doubts about this wood when I cut the blank to size and it started to peel off long splinters (I use a Compound Miter Saw to cut to length. Went ahead and glued it up the tubes. I then...
  14. J

    Lumber run #4 - Eastern Red Cedar forsale

    We would like to try lumber run #4 Sunday (Feb 25th) in the Harbor Freight parking lot in Raleigh off capital blvd (US 1) around 11:00 AM. I Think I can get 1200BF of cedar on my trailer, since it weighs less than hardwood. This time we would like to try an all eastern red cedar run. We have...
  15. The WoodButcher

    Big Red Oak

    :eusa_danc Hi everybody, Just a few pix fer ya'll. This is a big redoak I did this weekend. The pix don't do it justus.
  16. JimThomasson

    dried poplar(1.80 bdft) not dried 1.45 bdft, fresh cut red cedar(1.80 bdft).

    Not mine! dried poplar(1.80 bdft) not dried 1.45 bdft, fresh cut red cedar(1.80 bdft). have logs that have yet to be milled. red oak, white oak, hickory, ash, pin oak ,cedar. have dried pine at 5/4 and 2 inch! rough cut milled lumber (portable saw milling available)
  17. J

    QS Red oak Forsale

    I'll be working a few 24" dia red oak logs this weekend, It'll be quarter sawed. I should have about 200 BF of 4/4 for sale. If anyone is interested please reply to this thread, price is negotiable as long as it's fair. If you favor 8/4, I could do that too as long as you let me know before I...

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