1. cskipper

    Is there a way to not have off topic threads appear on the home or new post pages?

    Is there a way to block the topics in the Off Topic thread from appearing in the listing of posts? The only way to see what discussions are in that forum would be by clicking on that forum. Their appearance in the normal stream of posts are distracting, and if you don't glance over to see the...
  2. b4man

    thought on rearranging the Forum pages

    To Jim "froggylips", If I knew how to do a screen shot I would and paste it here to better make my point. I don't so let's see if I can explain. About half way down the page before you get to the actual forum, the forum name is listed in a white box. After that comes add's and a few other...
  3. M

    Symbols and Shortcuts on Index Pages

    There are many symbols on an Index page after you have performed a Search (as in clicking on "New Posts" on the Menu Bar). These symbols are found at the far left, before the Title: is used to signify a thread with new posts in it. marks a thread that does not have any threads that you...
  4. Bas

    [Problem-Main Site] Certain pages won't load/ take too long to load

    (Note to self: In 30 or 60 days, I want to FIX these problems instead of reporting them :-)) I can't get to the home page ( It just hangs, "Waiting for". Same for the "new posts" page. The forums page took several minutes to load...
  5. Don Sorensen

    [Problem-Main Site] Missing pages In Bas' "I hear voices" posting

    Quick and sweet - Bas thread has 6 pages before I log in. After I log in, it only has 4 pages - and I can't seem to find any way to get the end ( I wanted to mention a review of cordless drills I read in Maxim that showed the Neon green Ryobi to be a good choice). I use Firefox on Winduhs...
  6. M

    For the want of a few pages

    A couple weeks ago I bought the December 2006 issue of Popular Woodworking magazine. I typically don't grab that one, but the cover mentioned building a solar kiln which I have been reading up on. I set the magazine aside and picked it back up last Friday and began searching for the kiln...
  7. SteveColes

    Calendar Contest - Actual Pages

    I've finished the process of creating the actual calendar pages. They have been uploaded to I've taken the pictures that I uploaded and trimmed them in the same way they will be actually be done by cafepress and created a category for them in the photo gallery for you all to look...
  8. woodguy1975

    Some Pages that might not have been seen (Rocker Related)

    The guys in the Rocker class are hard at it. I was thinking about it and thought that a lot of you guys might not have seen my "How it is Done" pages. I figured I'd post a quick link. Thanks, John
  9. SteveColes

    More Web Pages

    If you look on the left under More Pages, you'll see a new one Sandhill Carvers Club. We can host all sorts of pages just like that. The requester just sent me a word doc and I made a quick conversion. We welcome more of the same thing. Send it to me in almost any form doc,xls, html...
  10. SteveColes

    Member Created Web Pages

    We have the option to allow members to design custom webpages and have them become part of the website. The system will take care of creating headers footers styles and generally make it look like a integrated part of the site.For those of you who understand a little HTML, here is some sample...

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