1. ScottM

    Happy Birthday Ray Martin

    Ray I hope you had a great birthday. Stop in a say Hey!!! when you can.
  2. Joe Scharle

    Happy Birthday Ray Martin

  3. SteveColes

    Ray Martin resignation.

    Ray notified Doug today that he was resigning. Doug sent him a private message re-iterating the fact I was acting both with Doug's knowledge and agreement on the matter of the off topic forums. I read Ray's post and frankly was very disappointed in it. So I sent him a private message. I have no...
  4. R

    Happy Birthday, John Martin

    Hey John, Hope you have a terrific birthday today. :new_birth:occasion1:new_birth
  5. Purple Martin House

    Purple Martin House

    16 Apartment house
  6. R

    Reported Post by Ray Martin

    Ray Martin has reported a post. Reason: Post: Reported Post by NCPete Forum: Moderators and Administrator's Discussion Assigned Moderators: N/A Posted by: NCPete Original Content:
  7. Partman

    Happy Birthday Ray Martin

    Happy Birthday Ray !!!! Have a good one. :icon_thum Danny
  8. DaveO

    Happy Birthday Ray Martin!

    Ray I hope that are having a great birthday. Make sure to spend some time for yourself today :icon_thum Dave:-)
  9. DaveO

    Mac Martin

    E-mail with registration probs. I think I got it . Dave:-)
  10. D L Ames

    Welcome Ray Martin

    I would like everyone to welcome our newest member to the dark side. Ray has accepted our request for assistance and Will be moderating the "Other Stuff" forum as well as doubling up in one of the other forums. Please give me an hand on assisting Ray as he learns his new duties. Thanks for...
  11. Travis Porter

    Martin tablesaw

    Figured I would let you all see this monster I saw at counterpoint's today. It is one massive piece of solid cast iron. I would love to have it, but it is already sold. Glad of it as I probably couldn't afford it.

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