1. ebarr

    Kudo's to Anchor Hardwoods

    Went a few weeks ago and been meaning to post this. Picked up about 17 BF of Sapele. While I left and went to the Klingspor event Don surfaced it for FREE, to whatever thickness I wanted. when I stopped back by a few hours later he had it all ready to go. I rough cut it for my project with...
  2. scsmith42

    Kudo's to Gregory Paolini...

    for ANOTHER great article in FWW. I received my latest issue today, and Gregory had written a great review on small routers. It's definitely worth reading. Thanks GP! Scott
  3. S

    Kudo's for Dewalt, Delta, & Porta Cable Service

    I have a Porta Cable pancake type air compressor. Thursday morning it sounded different and I didn't have any air pressure. It had a small hole in the top and I could see metal. Broken rod. I took it to the factory service dealer in Greenville, SC. and they said they would call as soon as they...

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