1. T

    DUST COLLECTOR main line drop downs

    I am in the design phase of ductwork planning and have a question or two for the forum. General info: - The collector is the PennState Tempest 1535 w/ 7" inlet. The machine is rated at 1700 CFM through the collector. I will be using the 7" - 6" reducer that is supplied with the machine. That...
  2. S

    Install Shower Curtain Rod Recorded this video recently. Hopefully this video will help you in installing a screw type shower rod. -Sumanta
  3. Tiffany

    Dishwasher and garbage disposal install

    Our condo currently doesn't have a diswasher or a garbage disposal. We are about to try and upgrade our kitchen to having these things. Anyway, there is a handyman guy that has done some of this type of work in neighboring units and we were going to hire him to help us. He said his friend (who...
  4. Shopmade tool to assist in installing sanding disks on Random Orbital Sande

    Shopmade tool to assist in installing sanding disks on Random Orbital Sande

  5. Shopmade tool to assist in installing sanding disks on Random Orbital Sande

    Shopmade tool to assist in installing sanding disks on Random Orbital Sande

  6. Mr. Lahey

    Can I install a water heater without soldering the pipes?

    I just took down my old water heater. The inlet and outlet pipes were soldered so I had to hacksaw them. I don't have a torch for soldering pipes. Is there a coupler or something I can use instead?
  7. S

    Triton Wood Rack Install -Gloat!

    With images from the local Shop Crawl germinating in my brain, I was impressed with the idea of adding a woodrack in order to add some valuable floor space (for the recently acquired Delta DC). No sooner did I get that "I really need to have this" burning sensation, Rockler had/ has? the...
  8. toolman

    Install vBClassified on main Site Up Date!

    1st Bas, I will start on install vBClassified on main site Thr. (tomorrow night). I have upload the vBClassified 1.3.1 to the base_software folder. I was going to upload the file to the main folders but had to stop. :cry_smile 2nd Steve, When I when to the folder "/public_html/forums" I...
  9. M

    At Long Last -- My ClearVue Install Gets Underway

    It has been seven months since I bought my ClearVue Cyclone and I am finally getting started on its installation. The delay, as many already have heard, is because of damage to my right shoulder and subsequent rotator cuff surgery and rehab. i've made the bin full sensor (following Alan in...
  10. B

    How do you install molding on solid wood carcass?

    I made some progress this weekend. I sanded the 2 night stands I have been working on, fitted the drawers and installed the molding. The molding is always a pain to install on the sides of the carcass the way I have been doing it...using sliding dovetail to allow for wood movement. You can see...
  11. C

    Knightdale molding install

    Wondering if anyone is in the Knightdale area that is willing to install some dentil crown molding for a friend? They live a couple miles from the beltline up highway 64. The job is small, perhaps a couple of feet of molding max. There is 1 corner involved. If you are interested you can send...
  12. peteb301

    Need contractor for Hardi plank install.

    Looking for recomendations on contractors or WW'ers to replace Masonite with Hardi plank on two small sections of a two story house in Cary NC. I had a contractor but he became unreliable and didn't finish the job. Would do it myself but don't climb ladders too high any more. Sections needing...
  13. WoodWrangler

    How to Install Hinges ?

    How do you install hinges for a cabinet perfectly every time without going through a huge process of setup? There must be some tricks! I have tried several times now to install doors on a cabinet, but every time the doors don't line up perfectly. The doors are alway slightly crooked and one...

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