1. Tiger_maple_Maloof_Table


    Maloof table, tiger maple, cherry burl bowl, red bud burl bowl
  2. eyekode

    Renwick inspired stool

    A couple months ago I picked up some 8/4 Maple from Bobby G. When I broke it down I had a short piece that I couldn't use for it's original intended purpose. I have been wanting to make something like the Renwick Stool ever since Shamrock posted his excellent example. The drop wasn't quite big...
  3. Maple Rocker

    Maple Rocker

    Maple Rocker
  4. kooshball

    Ideas for joining a workbench top to the legs (Schwartz inspired)

    My first real woodworking workbench build is well under way with the most of the design input coming from Schwartz' latest book. I have created a Mongrel of sorts as I have combined different design elements, vise types, and construction materials. Without a drawing the best description of my...
  5. cyclopentadiene

    Maloof inspired version of 1800's antique bench

    This is my latest completed project. A couple of years ago, my wife purchased a similar antique bench from a tag sale. The original had been repaired many times, especially in regards to the attachment of the legs to the rails. The original is connected using dowels and some screws. I decided to...
  6. Tarhead

    Free Plans for a Greene and Greene Inspired Desk

    May not last long. Grab it quick.
  7. Stickley Inspired Clock

    Stickley Inspired Clock

    Stickley Inspired Clock
  8. MrAudio815

    Turnings from the past Month & Inspired By Alex

    Hey Everyone, I am back to get some more of the wonderful comments you have out there. Here are some turnings I did while my wife was in the Hosp and while my son was a sleep. Wish I had more than this, but hey you only have so much time, and with tilling up my back yard and re-planting...
  9. Woodchuck


    After watching the events of yesterday-ALL DAY LONG- I got inspired. If you stand back about 8 feet and squint real hard you may be able to tell who it's supposed to be. My first try and probably my last. Thanks for looking. Chuck
  10. Tarhead

    Video Tour of Greene & Greene Inspired Home Some neat ideas for you G&G fans. Unfortunately, some of his creations are beyond the WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor) credits I have saved up w/Mary Ann.:wsmile:
  11. T

    Inspired by wood trading in HF parking lot

    I think all of the business generated by Jeff selling wood in the Raleigh Harbor Freight parking lot inspired HF to try to generate more of these sales. New in the latest sales flier is a saw mill. It is special order only, regularly priced at $1999, on sale with coupon for $1699.
  12. christopheralan


    I have been doing alot of work for the Wounded Warriors Battalion on Camp Lejeune. I make alot of their plaques and other woodwork and finally met some of the Marines there. There was a little to-do thing going on when I dropped off my last project and I had a chance to meet some of the...

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