1. creasman

    Article on Tools Made to Make a Federal Card Table 2022-11-30

    Journal article published in American Period Furniture, November 2021, cataloging the tools that were made during the course of building a card table in the Federal style. Click the "Download" button to download a PDF of the article. The table... ... and the tools.
  2. creasman

    Steve Latta video on Federal-style inlay

    Came across this YouTube video recently of Steve Latta speaking at Yale University Art Gallery on the subject of Federal-period furniture inlays (Sept, 2019). It's really interesting and instructive if you're interested in that sort of woodworking.
  3. Federal Card Table.jpg

    Federal Card Table.jpg

    Federal-style Card Table Dimensions: 39" W x 18" D x 29" H Major woods: Cherry, Walnut and Holly
  4. Berta

    Stork inlay practice

    I said I would give this a try. This is just practice people. Not the real deal. This is cut in 1/8” BB. This is the thinnest I have ever tried this. I painted the piece to give contrast. It didn’t finish quite flush. The difference? The thickness of the shelf liner to protect the wood and...
  5. M

    Need someone to make an inlay

    Need help with this. Can anyone do this for me? I have a client that wants this inlay made from ebony and holly. I am good making inlays with knives, but don't think I can do this justice. Probably needs to be done with a scroll saw or laser, and I do neither. I will pay to have this done, and I...
  6. creasman

    Tools for inlay work

    I'm interested in doing some inlay work and am curious about what sort of traditional tools were used for cutting the fine grooves that are required for the banding (curved and straight). I made a scratch stock that does a good job of cutting a 1/16" wide groove that is parallel to an edge...
  7. W

    Milliput Epoxy Putty Inlay

    I watched an interesting wood turning video which included an epoxy putty inlay. I have not seen this before and thought it would be good to share. Does anyone have experience with using this epoxy putty? Seems like there could be a wide range of applications aside from woodworking. Bubinga...
  8. Berta

    Bevel Cut Inlay on the Scroll Saw

    THIS IS A WORKSHOP CLASS THAT I HAVE BEEN WORKING ON ! The class is finally ready to go! This is the project I am teaching. I will also have my flocking kit and will demonstrate how to flock the inside of your box. You will need the following materials: 2 pieces about 4 1/2 x 4 1/2 x 3/4 to...
  9. M

    Here's an idea for box makers

    A walnut box made for my cousin who plays Texas Hold 'em poker.
  10. M

    Idea for Next year's Christmas Gift

    Didn't get this done for Christmas this year, but I think it will make a nice gift for 2017. It's a cherry board with ebony and holly inlays. Just used olive oil as a finish, which is nice, as it can be rejuvenated by anyone, and is food safe.
  11. side view

    side view

  12. top with inlay

    top with inlay

  13. front view of table

    front view of table

  14. Derby box

    Derby box

  15. Derby box

    Derby box

  16. Inlay workshop w/ Matt Furjanic

    Inlay workshop w/ Matt Furjanic

  17. Inlay workshop w/ Matt Furjanic

    Inlay workshop w/ Matt Furjanic

  18. Inlay workshop w/ Matt Furjanic

    Inlay workshop w/ Matt Furjanic

  19. Inlay workshop w/ Matt Furjanic

    Inlay workshop w/ Matt Furjanic

  20. Inlay workshop w/ Matt Furjanic

    Inlay workshop w/ Matt Furjanic

    Cellaret by Matt.

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