1. Spider Shelf

    Spider Shelf

    Full shot of the spider shelf
  2. full stickered pile in basement

    full stickered pile in basement

  3. 1/2 loads in the tiny tacoma

    1/2 loads in the tiny tacoma

  4. quartering the cant

    quartering the cant

  5. getting one of the logs in position on the mill

    getting one of the logs in position on the mill

  6. loading 1/3 logs

    loading 1/3 logs

  7. creating the cant

    creating the cant

  8. IMG_1876


  9. IMG_18721


  10. IMG_13651


  11. CatButler

    Ryobi 13" planer $137 @ Apex Home Depot

    Not sure this is a deal at any price, but they had a 1 13" planer left @ $137. Can't remember the original price but it was above $250. Do some research. Read the reviews. I am trying to decide whether to by a planer, and I passed at that price. Apex HD @ HW55 & HW 64
  12. CatButler

    Apex Home Depot 1 Gal. Kerosene $3.36

    It looks like Apex Home Depot is clearing out their K-1 Kerosene in 1 gallon metal cans. I am not sure what you can get kerosene for at the gas station, especially this year since it hasn't been that cold, but last year, that was a pretty good price. Plastic containers were $10+/gallon.
  13. Sharpclifton

    Home based Chainsaw mill questions

    I am considering building a simple chainsaw mill at my house . First question; is there a way to have timber cut from personal wood stock at a saw mill and how expensive is this? Second is there an ideal size for chainsaw blade length? Or is it made to use.
  14. P

    Finished Home Office Cabinet...Finally

    Well it took nearly three years through a terrible economy and not enough time to work on this but I delivered this project to a very patient client. The original concept rendering View image in gallery The finished piece View image in gallery View image in gallery
  15. gator

    She's Home (Updated with Additional Post)

    Kristen came home yesterday afternoon. Four weeks after going in for tests, three weeks after going on the Heart transplant list, and two weeks after the transplant. She is doing awesomely (new word?) well. She is truly our largest Christmas present ever. She is cheery, bright, chipper and...
  16. Mark Gottesman

    PC Biscuit Joiner Clearance : Home Depot

    Just got back from Hanes Mall Rd Home Depot. Picked up a PC 557 Biscuit Joiner NIB for $120 + tax. The floor sample unit is still there. It may or may not have a box. None of the local HD show them in stock. Looks like a scouting mission would be needed.
  17. Nelson

    Cedar Log free to a good home

    Cut today. 16" to 18" in diameter at base. 56" circumference. 40' in length to where the top was lost in an ice storm. It is still probably 6 to 8" in diameter at the top. Nice & straight. There is some rot in the center at the base (see picture), but I haven't cut on up to see where...
  18. Secretary Home Office

    Secretary Home Office

  19. Secretary Home Office

    Secretary Home Office

  20. Secretary Home Office

    Secretary Home Office

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