1. L

    Lumber $0.75/bf in Advance [GSO CL]: maple/wild cherry/red oak beams

    Not mine, etc. sounds really good and would LOVE to get some maple and cherry but too far away (south of Winston-Salem): Maple, wild cherry, red oak beams (advance)Date: 2011-09-29, 7:13PM EDT Reply to: Kept dry for 25 years have 6000 board foot .75...
  2. L

    GSO CL: mixed lumber clean-up sale $200

    Not mine - a mixed lot of stuff posted on Greensboro CL FWIW, tis was apparently posted in 'yard sales' Friday AM (no photos/price, presumably no takers) then showed up 90 minutes ago in the right category w-price and photos. Seems like an...
  3. L

    GSO Craigslist: hardwood lumber

    Not mine... sounds (too?) good Hardwood lumber. Air drying for at least 2 years. Red oak White Oak Cherry Walnut Pine Red Cedar (Wide and Beautiful) Ambrosia Maple $.50 to 1.00 per bd/ft Location: Greensboro it's NOT ok to contact...
  4. b4man

    New Lumber Supplier in GSO

    Yesterday at lunch Steve Honeycutt and Bill Clemmons introduced a new to us supplier of wood called Musser. They spoke to the receptionist and got info on the company. It was discussed that maybe we could solicit ads, membership, lumber runs, etc. Someone interjected the possibility of offending...
  5. L

    GSO CL: 3 beams red oak (~ 86bf?) $40

    Not mine, looks like something someone here could use
  6. L

    GSO Craigslist: Wormy Maple $600 [ >=1200bf?]

    Not mine, just sounds like a good deal - I'd only want about 200bf of it though so I had to post. Quotes two stacks [43" tall x 46" wide, and 11 feet long ] + [20" x30" x 8 feet] for a max. volume of 183 cubic feet. Anyone for a group buy?
  7. J

    GSO CL: Tormek T-7 Watercooled sharpening system - $400 (Kernersville)

    Not Mine:
  8. L

    GSO CL: Large lot mahogany, worktable $200

    Not mine, etc; looks like a GREAT deal for the lot, just posted on Craigslist from a seller in High Point Phone number included - I'd buy it in a second if I had room for all the wood As a finder's fee, I'd love to buy a few board feet...
  9. L

    GSO CL: Hawk Scroll Saw $175 (model 216-3 I think)

    Not mine, no connection, etc. This looks like the kind of saw occasionally posted in this forum - not a scroller myself but I think it's a good price:
  10. L

    GSO CL: woodturning shop $800

    Not mine/no financial connection, etc. Delta drill press, Rikon band Saw, Jet lathe, and "$500" worth of pen blanks. Looks like a good deal (but I haven't gone over to the dark side, so not sure what a Jet 10x14 variable speed lathe would go for)...
  11. L

    Woodworking Co-Op (between Graham & Chapel Hill) on GSO CL

    Not mine, no connection (unfortunately) $650/month for access to a large shop Looks interesting BUT I'd want to know who owns/insures the property - the IDEA of a woodworking co-op seems great, both for access to serious tools, occasional on-site help (and plenty of enabling...)...
  12. L

    GSO CL: prefinished plywood, baltic birch

    Not me, yada yada... seemed like a good price on prefinished plywood but rather thick
  13. L

    GSO CL: conveyor parts. Outfeed supports?

    Not mine, someone sellin 8-12 foot conveyor sections in NW Greensboro Might be useful for a shop, just not enough room in mine.
  14. L

    GSO Lowes: Milescraft Router Base $4.98

    Couldn't pass up a deal on replacement base/accessory for routers, should fit most models: the Milescraft Offset Router Base Kit, apparently listed at at $39.98, shelf price originally $19.98, marked down to $4.98. NW Greensboro Lowe's had two left after I grabbed mine... Hope...
  15. L

    Bosch 12V cordless Multitool $45 at GSO HomeDepot

    I may regret passing it up (I already have 2 other multitools) but last night the NW Greensboro Home Depot has a used Bosch 12V cordless multitool (w-case, 2 batteries, charger, and looked like all the attachments) in the clearance section marked down from $170 to $45... hope someone here needs it.
  16. gdoebs

    Another GSO CL: 21,000 bdft Cherry/walnut

    Pretty cool, looks like whole trees slabbed:
  17. L

    GSO CL: 4000bf wood ONE LOT $1000

    If anyone could arrange pickup I'd happily buy about half of this, and help with loading onto the truck, to get some wood up to Greensboro from Baden Lake: I'd mostly like some cherry, maple, and a few pieces of Walnut Larry AD: :icon_cheersWoodworking Material Lumber Hardwood - $1000 (Badin...
  18. L

    Birch Cabinet Grade 3/4" Plywood GSO CL

    Not mine; reports 121 sheets of 4x8 cabinet grade 3/4" plywood in Pfafftown for $30 a sheet (no mention of bulk discount, but if anyone is buying and can PonyExpress to Greensboro I'd like four sheets (?? 4 for $100???); no way for me to get there easily for a small purchase...
  19. L

    PC Dovetail Jig 'clearance' GSO Lowes?

    Ok, I got a quick burst of happiness when I noticed the yellow clearance tag hanging off the PC dovetail jig at the Lowes (south GSO). Some major markdown, since they took the time to order/print/attach a new tag lowering the price from $119.00 to $118.78 (yes, half the price of a stamp)...
  20. ACobra289

    Craftsman TS on GSO CL - $50

    I don't know much about saws, but it looks like it might be a decent deal. :dontknow:

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