dust collection

  1. R

    FOR SALE: Dust collection fittings

    When I was setting up my dust collection a while back I bought a bunch of different fittings just to have on hand just in case I needed something I didn’t think of. Since then they have been sitting around taking up space. Low estimate on all of this is $70. I’m looking to get $30 for all of it...
  2. F

    Dust collection in a small shop

    I’ve been in the market for a cyclone dust collector for a long time. I’ve done a few small projects for my home and I’m looking to do more projects now that I have a few more woodworking tools. I did a small closet remodel last year in my son’s room and a closet remodel in our master bedroom...
  3. Barry W

    Finally . . . . Videos!

    I have long attempted to embed a video in either a thread post or a PM in NCWW with no success. It's now very easy using the Insert\Media\Enter Media URL function. Thanks, Ron! Example:
  4. faber

    Workshop Layout and Dust Collection Ducting Advice

    Hey all. I would love some feedback from folks if you have any thoughts on workshop layout and dust collection ducting. I have a 24' x 16' shed in my backyard that is set up more or less how it was when I moved the tools in about a year and change ago. I'm planning on finally getting a dust...
  5. Rushton

    Suggestions to improve my ductwork layout?

    I've posted this on the Clear Vue Cyclone Forum and know we have some members who visit there, but I thought I'd post here because of all the good discussions from members here. I've received my CV1800 (with 16 inch impeller) and am now designing the ductwork layout. I'd appreciate any...
  6. Rushton

    Clear Vue Cyclone Black Friday Bundle is Back

    For those with an interest, the Clear Vue Cyclone Black Friday Bundle Special is available once again. This Bundle includes the upgraded 16" impeller and impeller housing, Wynn Environmental filters, electrical switch, bin full sensor and free shipping. Cathy was superb in helping me get my...
  7. E

    The Maker's Space - Raleigh

    Hello, my name is Matt. I have a small furniture business called Enkle Designs but my father and I (both experienced woodworkers) have recently opened a shared woodworking shop/woodworking co-op. :eusa_danc We are offering membership and residency at The Maker's Space for woodworkers, metal...
  8. J

    Any ideas on a better ways to attach Dust Collector Bag?

    I've had a Jet DC-650 dust collector for many years, that I'm tired of the way the dust bag is attached to the collector. I'm still using the standard metal bands that feed through the cloth bag belt loops. I hate that always slips off when I'm engaging the tightening mechanism, and that...
  9. J

    2 Car Garage Dust Collection

    Hey Wood Wizards! New to the forums/site - pretty new to woodworking as well. I have a question that I think I know the answer to but I wanted opinions before I pulled the trigger. I currently run a 16gal shop vac with a dust deputy attached through the garage shop. Plug and playing every...
  10. MrAudio815

    Dust collection

    It's been a while, how's everyone been? I just bought a Baileigh 3hp cyclone it has 2111 CFM & an 8" inlet. I'd like to run 8" ducting close to all my machines, then split off to 4" for connecting to machines. Hoping to maximize airflow. Anyone find 8" PVC pipe? Or what would you...
  11. S

    Piping in my HF Dust Collector

    Finally taking the time to figure out how to pipe in my dust collector to my small shop. Basically, I have (in the photo) along one wall is my miter saw and then table saw, on the other wall is my planer and my router table. There is a lot of information out there on how to go about this...
  12. T

    6" Spiral Duct Needed

    If anyone has any 6" spiral duct or knows of anyone that is interested in selling what they have leftover, I am interested in approximately 60' of that pipe. Best way to contact me is my email...... temp626@aol.com........... Thank you for the help, Tom Empie Concord, NC
  13. S

    Advice on dust separator for shop vac

    I have a shop va that Iuse for dust collection and (of course) I have to frequently clean the badly clogged filter. I have been looking at a couple of dust sepatrators that fit betwee nthe power tool and the vacuum to collect dust. Rockler has one that I often see in ads. I am about...
  14. F

    "new" shop vac

    Well, we finally installed the main unit of our Oneida dust collection system last Saturday which we have bought custom seven years ago. We originally bought it for our shop in Apex and then we moved out here to Summerfield. Sucker is heavy, but looks nice so far. Hubby said it will "suck the...
  15. gdoebs

    Modifying DC on Dewalt 735

    Hi guys, I was replacing the knives on my 735 (got new Infinity knives) and started thinking about my DC setup for it. Now I use the 4" adaptor to a 4-6" fitting to fit my 6" flex pipe. I have a ClearVue cyclone. Every time I use the planer the DC is so powerful that it collapses the flex pipe...
  16. nicemac

    Introducing myself

    Just a quick note to introduce myself. My name is Kevin and I live near Franklin, TN. I have been actively woodworking for about 18 years. I have done some craft projects, but primarily focus on furniture. This keeps the wife more than happy when I NEED to spend some money on a new toy, er...
  17. G

    Dust Collection for a Makita 2040 Planer

    I have a Makita 2040 Planer that I bought new in the 1980s and it's performed very well for me. However, it puts out a lot of sawdust (even faster than my lathe) - and I'd like to know if anyone has designed an add-on so I can hook it up to my dust collector. Thanks, Roy

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