1. kooshball

    Chris Schwartz selling some tools Looks like he is consolidating two shops into one now that he has left Popular Woodworking...
  2. Curly maple end table

    Curly maple end table

    I came across some really nice figured maple and needed a small table and this is the result.
  3. Small cherry highboy

    Small cherry highboy

    This piece is based on a drawing by Carlyle Lynch
  4. Dovetailed pine blanket chest

    Dovetailed pine blanket chest

    I rescued these wide pine boards from my father in law who was using them as sheathing for a garage.
  5. willarda

    chris schwarz openhouse!

    Tomorrow night (Tues) at the Woodwright School in Pittsboro will be an open house to meet and greet Schwarz. Come at 5:30 to look around, talk with Chris and etc. Later we will repair to a local bar for libations. No charge for this event!
  6. R

    Happy Birthday, Chris Knowlton

    Hey Chris, Here's hoping this is a terrific birthday for you. :new_birth:new_birth:new_birth
  7. merrill77

    Chris's guide to spalting maple

    Ok, maybe guide is too strong a word :> This is how I did it...completely unintentionally: Cut down healthy maple tree in winter Saw into firewood sized pieces Put on firewood rack and cover with tarp to keep the rain off Do not check to see if the tarp stays on (I think this step may be...
  8. C

    Chris w/ CB Burls

    Hello all, I just wanted to say I have missed all you guys and wanted to let everyone know I'm back, and Still doing wood. I hope to hear from a lot of my old friends that I have lost touch with. Woodartz, please get in touch with me buddy...we need to catch up. :icon_cheers Thanks Guys...
  9. Chris Tully (CPTully) and I

    Chris Tully (CPTully) and I

    Chris Tully and I worked out a "Labor for Milling" exchange. We milled up a log from his in-laws farm in Sanford (that Chris will ultimately use for a workbench), and in exchange Chris has assisted me with sheetrock installation in the new shop.
  10. Sawdud

    Hi from Chris in Concord

    Hello all. Just found this websight a few weeks ago and have been lurking and reading posts since. I like this place and think I'll hang around awhile! Very new to woodworking and haven't really built anything to show here. Maybe with your help that will change. I am looking foward to the...
  11. ashley_phil

    Chris Mathes Presents - Charlotte Woodworkers

    I'm pleased to announce that NCWWer Chris Mathes will do a presentation on Pen Turning at this month's Charlotte Woodworkers Meeting. Hope to see some of you there. The meeting is TOmorrow April 15th. Information is below. When and where: The Charlotte Woodworkers Association monthly...

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