1. dlrion

    Catch, Fling, CRASH!

    That's all she wrote.... it was a pretty rare piece of holly too. :gar-Cr View image in gallery
  2. sawduster

    To catch a thief

    Well , Mike Davis caught him first :eusa_clap View image in gallery Then he gave me permission to work with the photo and here is the result View image in gallery 1/8 " cherry ply ( stack cut 3 ) #3 spiral ( what else :mrgreen: ) This booger has been quite challenging and took a little...
  3. timf67

    Gotta catch up on my gloats!

    Okay, so thanks to all you enablers out there I have acquired a few tools in the 6 months since I joined the site. Do to the work being done on the house I haven't had the time to properly gloat about these purchases. Yesterday I got to put my Festool TS75 to a true test. It is a used saw with a...
  4. Tarhead

    Festool MFT Guide Rail Catch

    If you have an MFT from Festool with the saw guide rail this may be of interest. After being whacked in the head one too many times by the guide rail stored in a vertical position I decided to light a candle instead of cursing the MFT. Here's what I did: Piece of 1/2" ply, childproof latch...
  5. DaveO

    Time to catch up

    I will be going out of town to visit my sister in Chicago from Wed till Mon.of the next week. I don't know how much or if I will be on-line. Good time for y'all to try to catch up to my post count :lol: :lol: Hold down the fort for me and don't make too many radical changes (I don't handle...
  6. A

    Door catch??

    Need some ideas for cabinet door catches for my flush inset doors. If possible I want something low profile that minimally protrudes into the opening. I've read that rare earth magnets set in the adjacent edges of the door and stile work. Input please, gentlemen.

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