1. dlrion

    Sycamore (I Think) Bowl

    Rainy day! My shop was a nice temperature! I got some work done! View image in gallery View image in gallery This was a piece of spalted sycamore I picked up at the picnic! I cut it in half to make two small bowls out of it. I really enjoyed turning this, but the finish really didn't...
  2. N

    Largish Cherry Bowl

    I roughed out my first large, 9.5" diameter and 4" tall, cherry bowl. I really enjoyed the project and now can't wait for it to dry. I've filled and covered it in it's own shavings and wrapped it in brown paper bag material. It is now on the top shelf in my garage where the temp averages...
  3. Moms Cherry Bowl

    Moms Cherry Bowl

  4. A

    A Bowl for Mom

    I started turning about (3) years ago and for that entire time, my mom has been saying why do you turn me a bowl. Well for Christmas I got a chuck and have been scratching out a bowl or two. I turned this one for her last night, her birthday is tomorrow. Here's the sanded bowl before I...
  5. N

    First Bowl

    Hey everyone. I've been turning pens for about a year and a half, off and on. This is my first bowl made from a piece of cedar I had in the firewood pile. Any pointers on how to improve design, technique or what ever would be greatly appreciated.
  6. My First Bowl

    My First Bowl

    Small cedar bowl turned on a midi lathe
  7. sawduster

    Sassafras bowl

    thanx to the kindness of Steve ( from West by-golly Virginia :mrgreen: ) I have some sassafras to play with :icon_cheers here's my first attempt : View image in gallery Considering this started as a log , I'm pretty happy with it :mrgreen:. Man-O-Man does that stuff smell nice when you...
  8. A

    How I spent Father's Day Weekend

    the LOML knows I love shop time so this weekend my biggest gift was plenty of it. Here's a walnut bowl roughed out. I took a pic in case i broke it trying to finish it. Here it is finished. I may take some off the bottom but my son has claimed it as his and seems happy. Today I got my...
  9. Larry Rose

    Ash Bowl

    This is my latest attempt at turning. It's Ash with a piece of inlay banding that was left over from another project. View image in gallery
  10. D

    my first bowl

    made this for my wife for Mother's Day i am new to turning (got lathe and started turning pens about a month before i made this bowl) Ambrosia Maple , Mylands sand sealer then sanded to 600 grit then Abranet pads to 12000 , finish is Behlens Turners Finish (works great on pens not quite as...
  11. Walnut  Platter or bowl

    Walnut Platter or bowl

    Walnut bowl bottom
  12. Walnut  Platter or bowl

    Walnut Platter or bowl

    Walnut Platter or Bowl. This is a Walnut piece that I really loved doing. It was one of the few pieces I've done that I actually liked sanding. With every step down in grit, more and more of the grain kept popping through. I wish the camera could capture all the chatoyance (sp?). It's...
  13. dlrion

    Walnut Bowl

    I turned this a while back, and I haven't finished it until now. I got some catches that I couldn't get out, and the finish did not really turn out like I was hoping for. oh well... View image in gallery View image in gallery
  14. Cedar Bowl

    Cedar Bowl

    Cedar bowl. 8-1/2" X 3-1/2" tall. Finished with tung oil and Beall buffed.
  15. Black Cherry Burl Bowl

    Black Cherry Burl Bowl

    Black Cherry Burl Bowl. Took me awhile to get up the guts to turn this one. Glad I finally did.
  16. Spalted Maple Bowl

    Spalted Maple Bowl

    Semi-natural edged Bowl, Maple
  17. Cherry Natural Edged Bowl

    Cherry Natural Edged Bowl

    Natural edged cherry bowl with cherry blossoms
  18. Bocote Bowl reversed

    Bocote Bowl reversed

    This is the same bowl when turned upside down.

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