1. mpholway

    Redbox tool bench for sale

    Redbox tool bench for sale. For anyone looking for that perfect gift to encourage a little person to experience the joys of woodworking I have the perfect shop accoutrement. My grandkids have all out grown it but the loved it before they graduated to the full sized bench. It is extremely...
  2. Handicap Lathe Stand

    Handicap Lathe Stand

    Sketchup and JPG of the Outreach Adjustable Handicap Lathe Stand Design. Original Design by Phil Soper. Sketchup Drawing by Bill Clemmons.
  3. Adjustable Shelf Pin Router Jig

    Adjustable Shelf Pin Router Jig

    This is my version of the adjustable shelf pin router jig originally developed by Bas
  4. S

    Organize Closets using adjustable shelving

    sdhTn-9kuJ0 Kick started year 2012 with this shelving for kid's closet. -Sumanta
  5. Worktable


  6. SawBuck

    Adjustable Height Assembly Table?

    I built an assembly table top for the shop back in January, but I never got around to building a base for it. I just can't seem to settle on the type of base I should build. I've gotten by on some OSB knock downs until now. View image in gallery I have found myself raising the surface...
  7. J

    Adjustable angle table top

    Just playing around with a conceptual idea for a friend of mine. The top should be adjustable from 0-90 degrees at any angle. This is kinda like a trammel with a fixed pivot point at the top. As the top is raised a bolt slides along the two channels and gets locked in place somehow. I haven't...
  8. AmishWarlord

    Adjustable Mouth Block Plane?

    I'm looking at block planes for shaping I was recommended the Lie-Nielsen adjustable mouth block plane by a fellow molder. I also looked at the Wood River hand plane at Wood Craft. I'd like hear some opinions on these planes. Is the Lie-Nielsen worth the $165 I've seen them go for? Is the Wood...
  9. manfre

    PRO-Grip™ Adjustable Guide System

    PRO-Grip™ Adjustable Guide System 35 % Off Regular Price Of $134.99 E-Direct Price $87.74
  10. riderkb

    adjustable blade stabilizer

    I'm trying to find a product that I've seen, but I can't remember where or what it is called . . . It looks like a blade stabilizer disk for a TS or RAS, but it has set-screws around the perimeter so that you can tweak the blade to run perfectly true. Sound familiar? I can't find it anywhere.
  11. RoadRunner

    Adjustable Butterfly Vent

    I am in the process of building a router cabinet to include dust control :help:. I would like to find an adjustable vent similar to the one in the picture below (I know they are out there somewhere): I have tried many combinations of searches, without any luck:eusa_thin... so far.... I did try...
  12. Adjustable Height Woodworking  Bench

    Adjustable Height Woodworking Bench

    A 3" thick top, aprons and jaw faces made from hard Maple and on an adjustable height trestle base made from American Beech make for a solid and sturdy workplace whose height can be adjusted to suit the woodworker or the task at hand.
  13. Adjustable-height folding sawhorses

    Adjustable-height folding sawhorses

  14. The WoodButcher

    My new adjustable length log arch

    :D Hi All, hope everyone is doing well and in good health. I know this isn't wood, but it's gonna help me get logs so I can make wood. I am getting so close to being finished with my new log arch, it's driving me crazy. Really,... I think I could walk that far. This arch will haul logs 32" X 20'...
  15. S

    15 Solid Wood Cabinet Doors w/ adjustable hinges.. - $75 (Wendell)

    Not Mine! BAS! This may have your name on it! Can refinish/stain, etc.... can't make any cheaper! 15 Solid Wood Cabinet Doors w/ adjustable hinges.. - $75 (Wendell) Date: 2010-01-26, 6:20AM EST Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] I have 15...
  16. H

    Adjustable Height Casters

    I am looking for some casters, where he height can be adjusted via the stem from above the caster. To explain a bit further: I am making a movable island for the kitchen and I want to install the casters to the underside of the island within the toe kick box. I want to install them such that...
  17. Mark Gottesman

    Interesting CL listing with adjustable work table

    Not mine, Just thought it a useful execution of an adjustable table. Also a cabinet shop is closing in King. Maybe an item or two for someone here.
  18. KC7CN

    Adjustable Safety Clamp

    I was intrigued with the ShopNotes Adjustable Safety Clamp (Vol 18 Issue 103) submitted by Gary Kemper, and proceeded to build one. After I was well into the project, I began to question just how well it would work! Not one to quit, I continued with the project, although the jury is still out...
  19. M

    Adjustable Height Casters?

    Hi Everyone, I am in search of some simple casters that have an easy means of adjusting the height/level. I have some very old ones that have a threaded piece that goes through the mounting plate; this allows you to level whatever you are using the caster on very easily. Problem is that I...
  20. Adjustable Feet

    Adjustable Feet

    Adjustable feet makes it easy to accommodate uneven floors.

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